Anyone else for Para Reg?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by BigAl_2, Apr 10, 2008.

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  1. Hello guys, I'm new to here so go steady on me, and I appologise in advance if this has been posted before :roll: . Hoping to go in the Parachute Regiment in the next year or so. Just wondered if anyone else on here was going for para as well? Also I have a place booked for the Para insight course on the 27-29 June is anyone else is planning on going? Any training tips etc, would be great.
  2. Have a look in the joining up section and use the search facility there is more than enough information, and good luck
  3. I dont mean to keep dragging this thread on so sorry in advance.
    Just out of interest how did you apply for your insight course, ive gone for the same date but that form thing dont look all that reliable, wondering whether ill need to give em a ring :D
  4. Im going for the Parachute Regiment aswell.
  5. Currently working up to go on their military gap year if my Uni will let me. Might serve with them as a medical officer should I ever get that far as well.

    For training, just make sure you can pass the basic requirements. 60 sit ups is easy, but 60 press ups is harder and may take some build up (spending a lot of my time on this atm). Also work on the running and I have been advised to go on fast walks of 2-3 hrs duration with about 10 kgs on my back to get used to it. Hope that helps. The guys at the insight weekend will have better info though.
  6. Cheers for the replies fellas. Good to see theres a few off us. Where are people at with their training, application etc? Baggy Trousers I'll pm you with some more info mate.

    Cheers Alex

  7. The para course if fun

    I did the insight course in january and the POC in feb (which is did terribly at, despite working on my running and wanting to get a sub 8 min 30 at POC I ended up with a time about 50s slower then my insight time).

    Get used to running, long (start doing trail runs up and down dale now is my suggestion) and short hard runs (2-4 milers).
    Push ups and sit ups are not too taxing if you have some upper body strength on you.
    Practise practise practise
  8. Whats the programme for the insight course like?
    All I can find are vague descriptions like 'intro to the parachute regiment' and 'intro to fitness'.

    (p.s. whats the POC?)

  9. Its not really a secret, but I'm sure not how much I should really say to spoil the surprise.
    They usually send you a itinerary a few weeks before hand (well they should, I personally didn't receive anything in the mail. I raised this about 4 days before hand and in the end had to go to my local recruitment centre and collect everything from them the morning of).

    The common thing though is a bleep test one session, a 1.5 mile run, max press ups and situps in 2 min the same session as the run

    The POC is potential officer course.
  10. I just went down my local careers office, and im going to get a phone call to arrange for a date to go. how fit do you have to be, i can do pressups and sit ups untill the cows come home but i get knackered after 2 miles hard running so i need to practice that.
  11. When I spoke to the bloke on the phone he said you should be able to run the 1.5miles in about 9 minutes or under, 60 pressups, 60 situps, 15 underarm pull ups and about level 12 on the bleep test (or that would be the standards of a para recruit). Hope that helps a bit.
  12. Cheers, looks like i need to improve my running (and agility, half the Bleep Test is turning) and my pulls ups, don't know if i could do 12 of them
  13. Sorry for the double post. I just organsised my dates and im also going on the 27th-29th.
  14. Ah nice one mate. Where you travelling from? Also just booked a place on the Paras development course 18-20th November, so that should be good? How old are you mate if you don't mind me asking?
  15. My fast running is shit at the moment i can jog about 3 miles without stoping but only run fast for about 150m,was going to go to the gym put was told by a load of Paras on another forum not to bother just do press ups,pull ups and run every other day.