Anyone else feel a little bit sorry for him?

Yikes! I spend a lot of time at Stourhead. It would be a total atmosphere-killer to bump into the coughing one there.

Just a thought but if someone is really struggling to earn a living don't they take any job available, however well qualified they are. I wonder if he feels that good honest work like temping or serving behind a bar is beneath him. Potential employers may be far more concerned about his complete lack of employment in recent months/years than his reputation.
Why should we feel sympathy for Maj (Ret'd) Ingram? He retained a pension following his resignation! I believe the correct form following a criminal conviction is a dishonourable discharge, which equals loss of pension rights. After all he was a serving officer at the time.

Would a soldier or SNCO after receiving a criminal conviction be treated in the same manner? I suspect not. Note that he hasn't appealed the conviction.

They broke the unwritten rule - they got caught.
‘Of course, I think about how our lives would have been different every day,’ says Ingram. ‘I’d probably be a one-star brigadier by now.

Is he taking the piss or what?
Oh dear, How sad, Never mind.

If you go on a a television show and publicly show you have no integrity what so ever, then....

Don't know if there are any benefits bods hiding in here (or reading the bloody mail) but how is he claiming benefits if he is

a) doing TV work (paid employment)
b) selling items (continuously as in a trade)
c) selling large items (can't claim if you have too much money in savings)

The guy has no grasp of reality. He got caught, can't accept it, and is now (apparently) cheating the government out of benefits as well. Has anybody got the number for his local job centre?

Also, if he is that skint, he lives in a 4 bed georgian house - sell the bloody thing. What is more important - having the show home of your dreams, or putting food on the table for your children?

Right - rant over - carry on chaps
The guy is an Arrse. Why doesn't he just Fcuk cough :twisted:
I loved the following from the article:

But they insist there are limits. They drew the line at starring in a porn film together. Thankfully, they also turned down the chance to wrestle on TV with disgraced politician Neil Hamilton and his wife Christine.
Dear God!! I'm speechless at the thought of both those ideas.

Doesn't any one actually bother to read the links given?

He was refused leave to appeal which is why he isn't appealing, he isn't allowed to. He is still trying to get the conviction overturned by the Criminal Cases Review Commission.

He doesn't own the house as it states that he pays rent.

He owned the car before all this started, it is cheaper and a lot easier to keep running one than buy a smaller one.

You have no idea how much he is being paid by the TV company or how much he is making from E-bay so he is probably well within his rights to claim benefits.

Having said all that if he is guilty then tough shite pal.
Major turns an alarming shade of red. ‘I’m innocent! I swear to you I’m innocent!’ he shrieks every few minutes. ‘Sorry, sorry, don’t mean to shout!’ There is more than a touch of Basil Fawlty about his demeanour.
when he runs out of petrol in his VW, we will see him beat the shit out of it with a tree branch then!

cool, "flowery tw ats"

1* dreamer, maybe he could advertise a cough syrup to bring in some dough!


They seem also to have forgotten to mention his subsequent trial and conviction for insurance fraud........


the_matelot said:
One Star Brigadier
From Major to 1* in 5 years??????
He is aged 43. 43 year old brigadiers are "Type A" manouevre brigade commanders - the very best of the best in the Army. Had he been on that track, at the age he left the Service he would have been a lt col, probably already in command, or at least selected for command, of a front line unit, having done a couple of crunchy staff jobs and sub-unit commands as a major. He wasn't, and he didn't. As our US friends say - do the math.....
Didn't his mrs win aswell? What happened to her dough?

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