Anyone else fed up with the Oscars?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by slipperman, Mar 8, 2010.

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  1. Not sure if this has been covered already (had a quick search with no joy), but I am starting to get really hacked off with the mainstream TV coverage of the Oscars.
    It started to irritate this morning when I woke up to my fix of BBC Breakfast news and was confronted with who I thought was a serious news reporter (can't be ars*d googling her name) mincing about on the red carpet and conducting inane interviews with the so-called rich and famous. God, she has gone down in my estimation after that performance (would still give her one though).
    It has been the same throughout the day - I don't expect much else from the likes of GMTV and Sky News, but is there no hiding place on the BBC?
    To me, it should feature at the end of the main news as one of those slightly comical news threads, not as the main event. For pity's sake, enough is enough!! :x :x :x :x :x :x

    I feel better now - thank you.
  2. C'mon mate, who's fissog would you rather see, Susanna Reid's or the PM's ???
  3. That's her! I still reckon she demeaned herself this morning and dragged herself down to the level of that munter on GMTV who is so fckuing annoying!
    Understandable I suppose - "Hi Susannah, fancy a few days in a 5-star hotel in LA at Licence Payers expense, or do you want to stay on the breakfast sofa instead?"
  4. Depends if we were on a range!
  5. I'd soon get her in the prone position :D
  6. When are the Oscars being held?
  7. The Oscars always make me laugh.

    They are supposed to be the Industry's pat on the back to itself,sort of mutual masturbation.

    How can a film that has made mega millions of Bawbees,lose out to a film that hasn't (a bit simplistic I know),in the best film category?

    Studios don't make films for any altruistic reason (unless they want to lose money),they are made ,for the sole purpose of making shitloads of mazzuma,or are they. :?
  8. 'B' range it is then! :p
  9. Next March :D
  10. Keep up - you'll be telling us next you don't know about Michael Jackson? :)
  11. The Oscar's have to be the biggest fix of all time. There are complaints that no black actor has received the main Oscar to they make sure that black actors win in almost every category in one year? Yes, that's right, keep it subtle. Halle Berry really is the best actress in the world. Then of course Michael Douglas uses his influence to make sure his granddaughter Katherine Zeta Jones wins an Oscar for a very ordinary performance. Now we have a woman winning best director, because she was the best director or because they needed a woman to win to show how diverse Hollywood really isn't.
    How can any film get 14 nominations, did they pour everything into one film or was it because it was made by the right company, starred the right actors and was politically negative?
    It's boring, it's a fix and a complete turn-off. Sandra Bullock giving a mid-speech diversity lecture was a new one on how far these stars will go to be seen as right on. It reminds me of Mis World "Well first I want to save the World and feed all the children..........................."

    Argggggghhhhhhhh vomit making arrsewipe!
  12. What about him? Is he releasing another LP?
  13. He's in the studio working with pete tong on a remix album 8O

    (adaptly named it's all gone pete tong, oopps sorry could'nt resist)

    As for the Oscar's yeah, I also agree with the OP in ref to coverage has been somewhat tiresome, but I guess it's either that or hearing about Lord Ashcroft's attention grabbing tax purposes or the GE or something else similar :roll:

    We can't win all the time chaps, although a broader range of news would be appreciated once in a while.
  14. Remember the start of the MGM films, with the lion? The motto underneath reads "Ars Gratia Artis" which means "Art for Art's Sake". While it is often true that a business exists solely to make money, not all of them are driven by the bottom line (only the ones controlled by anally-retentive accountants (are there any other sort?)).
  15. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Just don't watch TV, simples.