Anyone else expecting to lose their job?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Sentinel, Jan 19, 2009.

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  1. Anyone else expecting to lose their job this year? I work in London for a large public sector organisation and am just sitting around waiting for the dreaded day to arrive. To be honest I hate the job and being made redundant will be a relief - it's just that it pays the bills.

    I'm hoping to use the TA as a fall back position to earn some money whilst I look for a job - do HGV, drops and then a tour and hopefully use that money to cover me until I find a job again.

    Anyone else in a similar position?
  2. I'm fully expecting to lose my job this year. I'm currently applying to join the regular army, so hopefully I won't find myself out of work.
  3. I'm being made redundant in March actually.

    I too will be falling back on the TA and going on a tour.
  4. Why not look into FTRS?
  5. Yep been waiting a while now there are 4 of us on my job and they wanna scale it down to 2 so its just waiting till they get the equipt that will replace us up and running and then they will tell us who is going.
    If its me i will wipe my arrse with the bosses computer mouse and drink the bottle of chivers reagal he hides in his desk the barsuard, not to mention what i will do to his missus when i crash the next company party. :twisted:
    I have no idea what am gonna do theres no decent paid jobs about and my arrse is getting too big to get back in the army so I may sell my house and go bum some fat bint in thailand or something.
    If I get to stay I may still wipe my arse on the bosses computer mouse and blame it on my collegue who gets the boot :lol:
  6. Schaden

    Schaden LE Book Reviewer

    I'd say I have about a 30% chance of losing my job - if you are concerned you should take out insurance against being made redundant or being sacked - doesn't count if you resign.

    Post office has one that costs £5.00 per £100 payable - so £500 a month for 12 months costs you £25 a month.
  7. I used to work for the premier credit card company & one of my friends there has just lost his position. I lost my last job at another company last year, the graduates being first on the firing line… Fortunately I'm in a recession proof industry now. :)

  8. wow... please tell me more, i like the idea of that job :?
  9. Teacher?
  10. Probably reposessions!
  11. Try looking on the RAOL it's the Xcel programme at the top of the documents on the right
  12. I got made redundantin September last year after more than 10 years at my place. I used the time to boost my fitness.
  13. For anyone who thinks they are in a "recession proof industry" may I remind people of those crisp bag "waterproofs" they used to issue? Well they were water proof up to a point but it is all relative. Some jobs may be garry goretex, bells and whistles...others are lightly showerproof. however there is no item of water-proof clothing that is 100% dry. Just so it is with recession proofing.

    There endeth the sermon, the parable of the anoraks as I like to think of it...go and sin no more...than you normally do.
  14. Actually old boy I believe there is one industry that's water proof, by name & nature... :wink:

  15. my job is damp 8O