Anyone else doing Courage Trophy this weekend?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by bibo_boy, Mar 17, 2005.

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  1. Or is it just sad ol' me?
  2. Were you 'volunteered'?!
  3. I was initially told to attend the series of training weekends to see if I would be picked out of the 1000's of potenial entrants!!!!!!!

  4. Yep belive my sqn is putting an apearance in, Lets hope they put in for the right thing this year. I would do it myself but would'nt want to break a nail. :wink:
  5. BB:- As long as you are putting in a maximum effort, just think of all those old crusty colonels and 'camp followers' drinking beers in the bar being run somewhere at Longmoor whilst you are hard at work - that should motivate you!! LOL
    Then they will come round and ask you if your boots fit or similar!! LOL
  6. I will be there. But not as an entrant this time. DS instead!

    Done it a few years in a row. I actually enjoy it!
  7. Pardon my ignorance - but what does this event entail ?
  8. The thing that always amuses me about all these miltary skills competitions is that there always seems to be at least 3 DS to each entrant, even on Rgt level troop competitions. I managed to avoid being taken for DS.
  9. BatteryTeaBoy...

    If your DS, what stand ru? can you give us bonus points????


    I've done this a couple of times and it is good fun.

    Need to beat last year and I'll be happy!
  10. Just make sure your S10 is in working order :D Thats all I'll say.
  11. You wont be gassing everyone will you....?

    That'll be nice.... I need to top up that stale "cs" smell. My noddy suit was starting to smell normal!

    Do you award extra points for comedy factor?
  12. Who said anything about CS gas.

    I said you need the S10 in working order because I may well be cooking for the FANY's, and last time I cooked for the army I nearly burnt down Liri Troop house in Cyprus. (hobby chef)

    I've heard mixing Compo makes a pungent result :)
  13. Do you award extra points for comedy factor?

    > You would if its the normal sqn event mate :D
  14. I'll warn them to bring along a few Fortnum and Mason hampers shall I?
  15. The courage trophy is a military competition held for units based in London district, sponsered, funnily enough by Courage breweries..

    It is in effect an ITD testing competition testing your NBC skills, fitness, map reading etc. Addition to ITD testing there is also testing of other basic military skills such as reversing with a trailer.

    I have done the competition a few times, and whilst it can be hard work, it can be good fun. Especially if your unit is behind you, and gives you support etc.

    I shall be there.. going down this afternoon… :(

    Ohhhhhh the delights of Longmoor