Anyone else? and a half decent cook

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by unwilling_civvy, Nov 19, 2007.

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  1. Anybody else starting basic at itc catterick on jan 13th?

    And does anyone know if the cooks there have passed their cookery course yet :p ? or indeed if any cook who works for the army has ever passed the bloody thing? must be harder than selection (the proper one that is, not rsc)
  2. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    How about passing out before you take the piss out of serving soldiers?

    It might stand you in better stead on here!
  3. Good attitude mate.........Slagging folk off who have already passed basic, before you have even started!!

    Incredible, I know, but even our lovable chefs have to complete basic training.
  4. To be honest joking about army chef's is a squadie national passtime, but let me tell you when you have been out on ops for hours/days, youve been busting a gut getting shot at or whatever, you will not be slagging off the chef's then because they will have something ready for you regardless of time of day or anything else.

    you will appreciate it even if it is just an egg banjo.

  5. So, let me get the story right, civvy, yet to start basic and gobby. I think that about gets it right. Now, matey, before you start gobbing off about Army chefs, get some time under your belt. The serving/ex serving have a right to slag Mil chefs, all part of the banter, but you don't even have the right to breath the same air as us, so wind it in, CUNT.

    And who the fuck are the rsc?? The Royal Shakespeare Company ?? And when did they have to pass selection??

    And another thing they are called chefs, get it?? CHEFS, not fucking cooks.
  6. Clearly this fooker has been at the meths!!

    Slags qualified soldiers off before even starting basic, then starts this topic of wisdom!! :Blah blah blah

    In the other half forum no less.................I reckon this geezer is after a bite of some form?

    Behave son, and get a grip!!
  7. Fair points all round and my apologies to all serving and former army cooks, i'll shut my gob until i earn the right to open it, especially as iv just found out that the cooks in itc arent even army but are fellow civvys so i didnt even get that right. Best wait until i actually try it before i start gobbing off. Am very red faced :oops:

    (rsc is recruit selection centre)
  8. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Agreed, and not a very stylish one either.
  9. It would appear you have started your arrse life out on a bad foot mate. It's prudent, nay obligatory to read the threads and the way the humour is bandied about on these forii before dipping your toe into the water, other wise you will be dragged in and proper seen to (this is not a threat in any way,shape or form!) If you had read the forii properly before making lame attempts at thread starting you would have known that being a mong is not tolerated in these here parts!!

    edited once for being a spakker!!
  10. Hang on guys, let me jump on this band wagon.

    Stop being a turd!!!!!!

    There are not that many Army Chefs around these days, they used to come in for loads of abuse, when in actual fact, compared to their civilian counterparts, they did a sterling effort. Army chefs are a god send on ops and always produce the goods, often in very poor conditions. You imagine standing behind a Mk5 cookset in a confined tent turning sausages, in a sandstorm, when it’s +50 outside and twice as hot inside. Not for me chef!

    So as I said before, stop being a turd!!! :tp:
  11. Is there a two for one offer on gobshites today? Him and deathknight are providing some much needed entertainment tonight.
  12. Agree totally T_M many a time with the old ACC on exercise coming in after fixing a vehicle the Chef would throw us on a brew or egg banjo. One young chef who gobbed off to the VM's for turning up an hour after breakfast after working all night was made by Dusty the chef to bring us breakfast in bed in the fitter truck for the remainder of the exercise for overstepping the mark. Chefs and REME on exercise are a close nit team, they provide the sausages and eggs we provide the beer.

    However being a chef in the Army still must have one of the lowest course pass rates :wink:
  13. When I had the "honour" to babysit a bunch of cadets on a UOTC weekend we had the poor staffy chef who was running kitchen setup out there hit the roof when the AAC flew in and ordered 10 bacon baps. If they hadn't landed so far away I think they would have had a ladle incoming. Nice bacon though. :) I've found the RLC chefs do a far better job than the civvy counterparts, for example when stuck at deepcut for sometime I noticed the number of pigeons on camp had lowered and the number of chicken dishes had risen. :?

    On a sidenote my teddy came out of the pram later that day when they had the nerve to ask if I could help clean the cadets weapons. :x
  14. Come on folks it's army basic training not a degree in Nuclear Physics. If the lad wants to take the piss it's up to him FFS it's the army not the Fcuking Masons.
  15. yes i agree we normally are team on exercise and ops we bring the food and you seems to get beers from no where

    but taking the piss is old hat we all pass the course but im sure even some of your fine vm's are not perfect when they come from the factory so it takes time to get used to using what you ahve been taught .....

    we are one of the only trades in the army that do there jb dat in day out with three deadlines and not the option to say Oh! just leave it till monday cos if there was no brunch on the saturday morning after your night on the drink i am sure you would have something to