Anyone else a Lady Sovereign fan?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by DeadlyArtsMaster, May 28, 2007.

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  1. I think she's class. I'm hoping to meet her some day and get her autograph and perhaps she'll fancy me if I get in the US Marines?

    Check out her song, Luv Me or Hate Me:

    Love me or Hate Me

    Or check it out live here:

    Love me or hate me - LIVE
  2. Not really - she's a bit of a chav kunt to be honest!

  3. absofeckinglutly not it is a pile of sh!te it should be shot in the face
  4. Yeah she's real class yeah an tells it like it is innit M8 :)

    Top tip - I have heard that the USMC prefers Brits with Burberry facial tattoos, get on it M8, and keep locked!
  5. Poor effort, as was your Int corps post...
  6. Lady Soveriegn keeps it real. She is class and a decent rapper. She has done songs with Missy Eliot and is a huge success in America. I also think she is pretty fit aswell.
  7. Chimpy, is that you?
  8. No I think its Chumpy :?

    edited to say Wheres the cat, on ops?

  9. This has got to be a waaaaaaaaaaaah! The fact that you can spell and use punctuation gives you away! C'mon who is it? :roll:
  10. why is she getting followed around by a luminous green condom?
  11. :D :D