Anyone else a Lady Sovereign fan?

absofeckinglutly not it is a pile of sh!te it should be shot in the face
Yeah she's real class yeah an tells it like it is innit M8 :)

Top tip - I have heard that the USMC prefers Brits with Burberry facial tattoos, get on it M8, and keep locked!
Lady Soveriegn keeps it real. She is class and a decent rapper. She has done songs with Missy Eliot and is a huge success in America. I also think she is pretty fit aswell.
Hugh_Jardon said:
Chimpy, is that you?
No I think its Chumpy :?

edited to say Wheres the cat, on ops?
DeadlyArtsMaster said:
I think she's class. I'm hoping to meet her some day and get her autograph and perhaps she'll fancy me if I get in the US Marines?

Check out her song, Luv Me or Hate Me:

Love me or Hate Me

Or check it out live here:

Love me or hate me - LIVE

This has got to be a waaaaaaaaaaaah! The fact that you can spell and use punctuation gives you away! C'mon who is it? :roll:

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