Anyone due a visit from Kevan Jones?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by chimera, Aug 24, 2009.

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  1. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Just wondered if any units or locations out there were due a visit from our wonderful loyal Under Sec of State.

    I am sure he will be afforded a warm welcome, and given sumptuous hospitality......
  2. 'chimera' - you are exactly the sort of 'moderator' this site needs - spot on the button! In our business, the loyalty goes up a chain:

    section commander,
    platoon commander,
    company commander,
    commanding officer - regiment.

    commanding officer takes over:

    brigade commander,
    divisional commander,

    headquarters take over:

    the Army Board,
    Her Majesty the Queen - Her Heirs and Successors.

    If, in Her Majesty's infinite wisdom she graciously appoints some third rate oik to a position of control over us on Her behalf, our loyalty is still, undiluted, to Her Majesty whose troops we are.

    Thus, Kevan (he can't even spell Kevin) Jones can f*ck right off at the high port. He cannot possibly have the neck to appear anywhere in the military can he? Is he a giraffe?
  3. Would lead to some very twitchy Badgemen :wink: but by fuck it would be worth the time in nick :D .... again....if I was still in :roll:
  4. Please remember OPSEC,we wouldn't want Terry knowing his movements would we?
  5. I've got his email address if anyone is interested.
  6. If Terry did find out his schedule they would take a keen interest ... and make sure he was protected at all costs. The Taliban can only dream of doing the damage to HM Forces that the Labour Party are currently inflicting.
  7. If he is rocking up to your unit, do not forget to serve the £1.49 merlot and leave plenty of Lidl & Tescos bags lying around. :lol:
  8. Could you PM me it? I feel a rant coming on.......
  9. Perhaps the Reverend Dannett should consider standing for election in the Durham Constituency of Jones in the coming election??

    Revenge being a dish best served cold and all that.