anyone done tony blauer's s.p.e.a.r tactical system?

""The ‘3-Dimensional’ principle refers to the integration of psychological, emotional and bio-mechanic components to design and inspire training. In other words, my system is inspired by this simple rule: where & how we train must correspond to where & how we fight.

Unwittingly, most of us train in a one-dimensional arena; I call the ‘sport model’ (lets spar to the body/let’s grapple/lets box/let’s go shoot on the range at a stationary target). The ‘sport model’ always involves consent, awareness, focus on good form and proper technique. However, real fights rarely include consent, awareness, good form or proper technique! This is the greatest paradox of modern self-defense training and one of the reasons ‘experts’ misunderstand our research.

Real confrontations occur in the three Dimensional world and all fights involve the dimensions of the body/mind system (emotional, psychological & physical). Therefore, all our principles and drills are based on emotional/psychological support or interference with a specific tactic (as would be the case in real life). Remember; in a real incident, sensory overload accounts for more fear, doubt and hesitation than the actual attack. The punch, tackle, shove is a one-dimensional obstacle that, in a vacuum, is fairly easy to defeat, but overload the intended recipient with emotions and thoughts outside the dojo, the ring, the tournament and many feel the pressure.""
...or you could just stick the head on the attacker and then kick him in the bollocks.

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