Anyone done TA Selection "day" at Palace Barracks?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by hellmett, May 17, 2009.

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  1. Hi All,

    Has anyone done their TA Selection "day" at Palace Barracks - Holywood?

    What can I expect etc.?

    Run first?

    Is there another medical?

    Heard a few conflicting reports about people rolling up in sweats etc. cos it's only done over a day instead of a weekend!

    Sit ups/press ups on the agenda?

    Do you get attested and issued kit on the same day?


  2. Hi Gary,

    I did my selection there a year ago, so i can't see it having changed very much.

    firstly some people did arrive in casual gear, jeans etc... Don't! wear a suit, or a shirt and tie with proper trousers. Obv if your young, as I was, and didn't have a suit then just wear school trousers a white shirt and a tie. Try and be as smartly dressed as you can as it show you care, and my unit breifed me on this beforehand.

    Take a bag with a change of clothes and sports kit in it aswell as a towel and soap.

    When you get there you get an inital breif and watch a video. Then you go for an interview with the Major in charge. Basically its a: Why do you want to join the army? How fit are you? School grades things like that.

    Then you get changed into sports kit. You do various exercises in a small gym, a few weights machines, a machine to test you back strength and stuff.

    Then you do pullups outside, the the 1.5 mile run (13 mins is what I was told, 14 is another number floating about- both are piss easy), you do a lap first so you'll know the course.

    Then you go to a large gym and do a leaderless command task. If you aren't familiar with these, its basically a problem "ie cross a pool of water" and you have varous bits of kit like ropes, tyres, logs and you and the rest of those on selection that day will have to devise a plan, and carry it out. It might not be as simple as I've described but thats the general idea.

    You then do a jerry-can carry: A 20kg jerry cans in each hand, you have to walk 150m, I think, without dropping them.

    Then shower, lunch, final video and interview (this is where the officer will tell you, informally, if you have passed/failed). Then home.

    Lasts from about 9am untill 2/3pm.

    Questions (as per my experience):
    Run is not first- see above
    No press-ups/sit-ups on mine, but make sure you can do them obv.
    No medical
    No kit issue or attestation on that day, that wil happen probably the next drill night(attest) then a few weeks later you'll get kit.

    The best source of info is your unit, but feel free to ask me if you've any more questions and I'll do my best to answer them from my experience

    Enjoy the day, and just treat it like a job interview as that is what it is.

    Good luck

  3. There couple of months ago, defo on the shirt and tie for the interview afterwards, they cost buttons out of primark but will leave a good impression. there is nothing to hard and the guys that take it are spot on just get your general fitness level up and you will be fine, hardest part is having to watch the value and standards videos with bear grillis in it :eek: . Good luck
  4. Thanks very much for the advice guys!

    I really appreciate it!

    Panoptes where are you at?

    I'm sort of hoping to go to Javelin Platoon in Ards, I don't really mind so long as it's 2 RI.

    I really trying to get on Shamrock Challenge (bet I will be the only 41 year old!).

    My fitness is fine, doing 4/5 mile runs every other day and press ups/sit ups on the days in between.

    Should be ok!

    Can't do heaves very well though but I am prepared to jettison my eyeballs trying!

    Am just waiting for my 203 to get returned from Manning & Records and I'll be good to go!
  5. I'm in Belfast Rifle platoon, I think Javelin is A-Coy which is fantastic,

    I did Shamrock Challenge last year and there was a 38 yo and a 42 yo. Both of whom were in my section with a bunch of 20 yos and a few teenagers. There are alot of young ones who'll be super fit, but most of us were average and your fitness improves dramatically throughout. Plus the older fellas kept us young ones in check and helped us out quite alot with experience and things. Try and get on SC09 it's tons of fun.

    As a 41 yo you only need something like 1130 on the 1.5 miler though correct me if I'm wrong.
    As for heaves you don't need a massive amount, its all about the effort you show. If you get 20 and then just drop they'll look poorly upon it. If you get 7 and you're absolutly w**kered and really trying for 8 then they'll look favourally upon it.

    Its nothing to worry about at all, just a job interview really.

    Good luck!

  6. All great advice from panoptes, spot on.

    Pan you Acoy at Abbots mate? Ex B coy here. Javlins are B coy as well mate.

    As pan says hellmett, dont be stressing about the phys, its more to see how you cope. When I did my selection day there was a guy at 28 who fucked up his run (took 14:30 I shit you not) and only managed 3 heaves. He was told to work on his phys before phase 1 but they passed him to batt training team anyway.

    Good luck with it mate, 2 RIR is a great laugh with some great lads. Just watch out for that cnut PTI Elliott! 8O (Hes a mate of mine lol)

  7. :D Forgot all about that! Its the drugs and the army vid. He's about 12 in it too.
  8. I have done the online application, emailed 2 Royal Irish and then spoke with a recruiter who gave me a different number to ring, I rang that number, they took my details and said they would pass them onto someone else.
    After over a week I still havent heard anything.
    What else can I do to try and get into the TA as anyone I have spoke to keeps saying I need to speak to someone else!
  9. Go into your local TAC. See someone in person, they will help. All you are at the moment is a phone number and a name in a random file somewhere. Keep going in each drill night if you can and it'll get done. You have to realise that there are few permanent staff at the TAC maybe only 2/3 in some cases so the only time things really get done are on a drill night or weekends. If you keep "pestering" them and showing your interest and keeness and determination you'll soon move to the top of the pile. Especially with 2 R Irish given that they are on a big recruiting drive atm. Also bear in mind that they are going to summer camp which a massive organisational task and so other things may take more time than usual.

    Good luck with the application!

  10. Chris,

    If you PM me your phone number I will pass it on to the person who will get the ball rolling for you.
    Really good guy, switched on, knows what he is doing! and he'll deffo ring you!