Anyone done a Prairie Thunder this year on CR2?

Discussion in 'REME' started by Tank Doc, Jun 8, 2011.

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  1. I'm going on PT shortly and was wondering what are the main differences between this EX and the MEDMAN's? I know it is more hybrid and thus directed towards Afghanistan but is it really a lot different from the MM's? In particular is the track mileage of the CR2 reduced significantly?

    I am part of a 1,1,1,1 BG. This is a totally new concept to me so if anyone has any current information I would be greatful.
  2. They can't be much different to the Med mans, Im out of date a bit as my last one was in 2001 but did 8 altogether and gutted they closed Cheetahs in Med hat and also knocked down the FRG Hut . All you need to know is:

    1. Where the Gag and Puke is
    2. Always carry condoms if going anywhere near Med hat.
    3. What gates the pizza delivery goes to when on the Prairie.
    4 Dont go in the DRES (unless you like rabbits and gophers with four ears and one eye)
    5. Dont go near women in Med Hat with one eye.

    Im sure its still on a similar path to Medmans though but bound to be some lads who went last year or on Winter Repair
  3. I have to guess the Sin Bin is still standing?
  4. Whilst the STA LF phase is pretty much untouched the following are some of the differences:

    1) The ex is now 21 days as opposed to 24 (basically a reduction in the TESEX from 9 to 6 days) and CT 3.
    2) TESEX now called PRAIRIE STORM and through 6 days takes you from heavy metal to Stability Ops.
    3) 3 BGs are on exercise: The Manoeuvre BG, the CSS BG and COEFOR (en/HN Forces).
    4) The Rattlesnake is OOB to admin moves/milk runs during the exercise; all loggie stuff goes through the CSS BG.
    5) The prairie has been given a Hollywood makeover esp TARMEC.
    6) Lots of FOBs have also appeared.

    These are some of the big changes anyway.

    Interestingly though there are only 4 exercises this year (out of 6 planned). PT1 was binned due to weather, PTs 2-5 will go ahead and PT6 has been cancelled as a PR11 measure.
  5. Cheers for the input, we were due to do PT6 but were brought forward due to bad weather earlier in the year forcing cancellation of PT1. I've done several MM's and remember them being D+30, so 21 days is a fairly significant reduction.

    I did hear about force protection being required for the admin and CSS moves to replicate current Ops. I have heard all sorts of rumours about the Sqn guys driving in CR2 and pretending they are mastiffs etc and doing VP crossings on foot (sound a little crazy).

    Have we moved away from the conventional war fighting exercise entirely, ie block, hold and counter-attack?

    Do the tanks still have a 7 day live firing package at the start?

    PS BV technician, the bin shut years ago mate.......happy memories though!!

    cheers guys
  6. Ah shit, the place was an institution, whether it be the Bin Bunnies smashing all-comers at Chugalug, the stripper being told to move from blocking the Hockey game one sunday or 3RTR and 3RRF re-enacting Hemer II: Chicereas Boogaloo with both LAD's sat in the corner by the pool table. Forgot that I was last there mid 90s doing a short stint in the workshop. Still amazed to this day the canuks never worked out the bowling team name of The P155 Takers.