anyone doing 1b this weekend at Ripon?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Mennox, Jun 28, 2007.

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  1. Just wondering if i recognize someone going :D

    You'll probably know me as Uncle Festa :cheers:
  2. Yes I'am going!
  3. Out of interest, what did you decide to to at the RE at Gateshead, Sigs or Dvr?

    PS I'm not your "bro", I'm a well respected Hollywood actor!
  4. :D

    going Driver, will be doing my lessons after 1c which is booked for Sept

    You obviously know me so if you dont want to reveal yourself in public then PM :)
  5. The last time he did that it cost a fortune in fines & community service! :D
  6. Sorry that made me f*cking laugh there :thumleft:
  7. Sorry mate, couldn't resist, weak willed and all that, more so if Port is involved!
  8. No you don't know me, I just turn up and sweep up and drive etc. Enjoy your weekend.

    FF Box, you promised you wouldn't tell about the community service.
    It wouldn't have been so many hours if the goat had lived!
  9. so you know of me or just read my previous posts?

    and yes i will enjoy weekend mate cheers
  10. he's calling you mate again......
  11. a geordie so mate is in my vocab :D