Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by dave2927, Sep 17, 2007.

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  1. Grateful if anyone doing the above civvy qual, could provide me with any information.
  2. Years ago I did a HNC is IS, then HND but got posted and was unable to continue to Degree. Most colleges the HNC/HND/Degree is all mized so just start HNC and if you still have energy left, do a few more modules for HND and same again, a few more modules and a dicertation and onto defree.
  3. Thank you for that advice, having looked at the modules ..your advice is very wise, many thanks
  4. engr172

    engr172 Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Did mine a couple of years ago. What do you need to know? If I can help, fire away mate
  5. Did mine a few years ago as well, what questions you got?
  6. Just passed the Open Uni Diploma in ICT last year. But you have to have completed a 60 pointer level 2 course and a 60 pointer level 3 course to get it (I think). Realistically, you can do that in 2 years - I did T209 (ICT) and T305 Digital Comms - and they're both good courses.
  7. PD how did you find the OU modules, I'm looking at the CCNA one which is a 30 pointer, level 2 over 6 months? I haven't really done a great deal since my class 1 so am wondering how I will get on.
  8. To be honest, T209 was quite easy, as a lot of it is fairly easy ICT concepts like how web technology has affected lives, how encryption works and so on. T305 was far harder, I didn't like the maths at all - probability and reliability graphs etc, but the applied stuff like switching/routing algorithms, multiplexing and fibre optics were easier to get into my thick head. I can send you some of my assignments on both courses if you PM me - so you can see the sort of stuff that's involved.

    BTW - there's loads of stuff online to help with CCNA. Check out Good luck.