Anyone collecting for a forces Xmas box charity in Cambs?


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Last year my company, friends etc gathered a huge amount of useful items and sent them off via Support Our Soldiers. Since their collector lived locally this was easy for me to arrange.

This year the local collector has stood down, so before I get an office full of supplies and no means of sending them off, I am looking for another local collection route.

Don't mind at all where the stuff goes, or via what charity.

Any information on collections in the Cambridge area very welcome.

Many thanks
Not being funny, but hasnt the MOD asked people not to send out stuff theyve collected to random troops over the Christmas period because it puts a massive strain on the postal system and stops troops getting parcels from family, mates and other halves?

I appreciate that people are trying to be helpful but if youre stuck in a FOB and its a choice of some haribo, curry powder and toothpaste from some random punter youve never met or a photo of your kids first steps, message from home etc, which would you rather have on Christmas day?

Having said that if youve got some other way to get them out then fair play and I'll get back in my box.


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That's exactly why I was asking about Charities that are collecting -I know better than to make up the parcels myself and send them off into the sunrise - they won't get there. Support our Soldiers did a great job last year - the local collector's house looked like Santa's workshop - but now, I've got no mechanism of getting any items I collect from Cambridge to their nearest collector, who is in Royston.

Sorry if I didn't explain that so well!

(further edited to say that Support our Soldiers and, I think, most of the other 'box' orgs send the parcels out to those who, for whatever reason, are not likely to get much from home)

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