Anyone close to 22?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by greasyjoe, Jun 9, 2007.

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  1. Gentlemen,
    Is anyone out there just about to complete their 22?

    If so, what are you planning on doing?

    Could be a good networking thread, as jobs seem to be word of mouth still theses days, even with the modern wonders o' tinternet!

    Good to hear your thoughts!

    PS: Just like to say, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all your posts, as it has brought back a lot of memories! And I have pesshed meself laughing!
  2. Ex Sappers in Construction... similar thread??
  3. No, cause that thread is Ex Sappers in construction! I am talking across the board.
    Amazingly enough, there are other trades/ jobs people go on to do other than construction, and thats what I am asking.
  4. don't spit your biscuit before reading all of this...You could do a lot worse than joining the Old Bill as a late joiner, bring you pension with you ( or have it on top of your pay..)get your probation out of the way with the whinging playstation generation, then crack on with whatever takes your fancy. Met is best, (better pay, busier areas etc) depending on which department you end up in, you could actually be working with a lot of ex Mob lads, and a surprising amount of ex Sappers..don't dismiss it out of hand, no matter what you think of plod, good or bad, don't knock it till you've tried it PM me if you like
  5. Creepy,
    Its not my personal choice to join another uniformed job due to medical reasons, cause I am leaving P7, but it has certainly been 1st choice of a few Ive known.

    Mind you, I hear McDonalds offer a free uniform dont they?
  6. Something
  7. Went wrong!
  8. Non-Sapper so forgive the intrusion, but the old bill didn't want to know me (Cheshire Constabulary) and I know a lot of others who have recently been knocked back with no explanation given....had a clean service record (8 years), 3 op tours, physically fit, etc etc but didn't even get past the paper shift..maybe it's only certain forces but they don't seem as keen on ex-soldiers as they once were......
  9. I sympathise with you, as it happened to my ex brother in law with the Fire Brigade. I know a lot of the Police forces were under pressure from the government to recruit certain TYPES of people! No need to explain the obvious any further, but it extended to the Fire Service, and all 3 of the Armed Forces.
    Nothing is done on merrit these days!
  10. It seems almost impossible to get into the Fire Briagde hear in London, when ive rang the recruiting number, its always the same...not recruiting til next year..etc etc.

    As for the Police, it appears that being in the Forces doesnt really make much difference nowadays. I know the Met here in London are or were mainly after ethnic minorities and females.

    The Police is hard to get into at the moment, but if its what you want dont put it off. When I did re-settlemnet, there was alot of 22 yr men, who were going for the old bill.

    I remember about 15 years ago, it wasnt great money but its now in The Met starting on around 28-30 k a year, along with good pension and free travel with 70 miles of London. Great benefits.
  11. I went back to school after they knocked me back and have just finished a law degree, going for the CPS now..

    Although there was no reason given for my rejection I believe it was because of what you have written above, they wanted women and ethnic minorities as a priority, regardless of whether they would be able to stand up to the criminals or not....seems to me they want social workers in uniform rather than people who can enforce the law..Blairs Britain!! :x

    Bitterness! :twisted:
  12. Yes, whether you like it or not, and I don't personally, there exists a "positive" descrimination policy in the Police, but that's actuallt no different to everywhere else in this poxy country now. There have been a few successful lawsuits brought by lads being refused entry on the grounds that they are things are changing a bit. Just make sure that your application form is tip top, correct grammar, well researched info etc etc..get someone to check it for you and don't answer each question based solely on military experience. WE know what matters, but civvies have different priorities. Face it folks, if you're leaving the Mob and want a job you may just have to bluff your case a little!!not like you've never done that before is it! Read up on Equal Ops, health and safety legislation and discrimination policies in the workplace. I am currently a firearms instructor in the Police, and believe me there are few places with tighter restrictions. Work with it and don't lose your rag. Once a Sapper, always a Sapper.!
  13. sparkying.

    roll on 2009.

    good luck G_J.

    maybe we will meet someday soon.
  14. Cheers Knocker!
    You know who I am though!
    As you have so elegantly put it in other posts!, I am the I.T geek who keeps 170 rolling along on their shat, non exsistant IT budget!
    But non the less, good luck! Its gotta be greener on the other side!
  15. i am really hoping it is a lot less GREEN, if you catch my drift.