Anyone brave enough to join in with a pay survey?

Discussion in 'REME' started by biffchit, May 30, 2006.

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  1. There is a lot of talk going about with regards to the pay staff stealing from us etc.... There is also talk about new Tiffies getting nearly the same pay as a WO2.....????

    Anyone prepared to join in and compare pay?

    1st year WO2 (Art Veh) on £99.02

    any new tiffies out there? What are you on now?
  2. There are certainly tiffs on more than that.. particularly those fortunate enough to be included in recent paycut 2000 follow-on-work. A 4 year tiff that I know, will be on more than some ASM's when he soon promotes to AQ due to this!
  3. There is a SSgt who has now completed just over 2 years from finishing his Tiffy Course (we were on the same course), who is now on Level 7 £102.67.

    I'm on level 3 with my letter Grievance submitted, we where both level 3 Sgts when we started our Tiffy course and with the Pay2000 fix he is now earning 14p a day less than a level 1 ASM!!!!!!
  4. I was a level 6 Sgt, went to level 2 Tiff (after some pay f**k ups that put me on lower band)

    Shou;d go onto level 4 this September but have been payed at level 7 since the pay "correction" in January.

    does posting this make me brave now ? I dont know of anyone who is not upfront about this pay issue ( but i dont suppose i would if they were keeping it a secret ?)

    we're not stupid blokes and obviously dont want to be paid money that will be reclaimed when / if all this is sorted out. The longer it takes the more i believe they will let it stay as it is.

    I have been told that there is no system in place to REMOVE an annual increment, it is not something that was programmed into the system, only a rumour but sounds plausible , why would you have an increment removed ?
  5. Sorry mate, did you get out of bed for that? Same circs as you but £104.13 per day. Don't you just love paycut 2000! :wink:
  6. 'kin Hell
    Spread to the four winds eh.
    Arrse and Elbow spring to mind!
    Be nice if you all kept it but i wouldn't wanna be wearing a Badge and seeing Crow Tiffies on more than me.
    Ouch that has gotta hurt. Ha ha
    Bring back Tech pay for VMs (Gunfitters are Armrs now anyway)and Band 7 for Weapons Tiffs and add that to the Pay mix too just for good measure!
  7. Had the pleasure of wasting an afternoon today, sat listening to the AFPRB people totally ignoring what was said unless they liked what they heard. Apparently they know there is a huge problem with VM pay, although they were unwilling to comment on it.

    Once again a bunch of civil servants get a duty free trip without doing anything for it.
  8. Heard today that those who have had the backpay are requested to give it back (though not legally obliged to do so) and those who didnt get it, tough luck!!!

    The intention is to just freeze those on higher increments until they catch up. Yeah, great...which brainiac thought of that one.
  9. Moneys in the bank.....see :D :D
  10. Enjoy it while it lasts. You'll be lucky to get any where near that in the real world.

  11. WO2 on £104 odd, 2 years as a WO2, finished course 2000. Managed to get onto Band 7 before Pay 2000.

    Realised I am earning far too much, so I'm out in August :)
  12. Do you have any physical proof of this? As in written proof from DPSA or DEME(A) or anyone at that level?

    Or is this another of those 'reliable source' stories. There have been many different stories posted on here since Feb when this started and i've got about 40 or 50 emails with various explanations of what is happening - however it's all speculation. The only official thing I am aware of that is official was the little statement in a DEME(A) bulletin stating it was being 'looked at'.

    If you have irrefutible proof of what is happening please let everyone know, also I think all of the other trades and capbadges that are in exactly the same position would like to know.
  13. Tiffys-r-us is correct there is currently no definitive response from any body in authority. I would reccomend that all those that feel they should be advantaged equally, should submit a letter of grievance. The last thing anybody wants is to be told "Sorry mate, no letter no money"
  14. PM me and I can give you a copy of my letter...not sure if it helped with me, but I have now got the backpay.....
  15. Tiffy 4 yrs
    WO2 18 months