anyone better than a workplace censor?

anyone out there think there better than the censor on my copmputer?

anyone know of any good proxy servers that the IT guys havent thought of or know a way of maybe turning the censor off in a sly way (he asks hopefuly :D )

or anythig else i havent thought of?

you got a desktop at home? can you not set up a vpn tunnel to ur desktop and use that? or remote desktop, that way all your doing is viewing whats on the computer at home, and using the one at work as a screen, not using the works net for porn/games/no work stuff. just ur home connection


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the_almighty_spoon said:
sadly while trying to install wirless through the house my computer has thrown a wobelly and completely refuses to connect to the internet
What even cabled connections? Delete all you connections and start again. Get your wireless network working before you unplug the cable connection.
the computers on it way out any how so im just going to save up and replace it and then start again and maybe actualy get someone in who understands the whole wirless thing

but for now the only internet access i ahve is sat at my desk and some of the websites are blocked ( and its not porn :roll: )

and i dont know how long it takes until this sites blocked


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