Anyone been to Sharm el Sheikh or Hurghada?

Discussion in 'Travel' started by Ord_Sgt, Dec 25, 2010.

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  1. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    Planning on a bit of winter sun next month and just asking if anyone has been there and their impressions?
  2. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

  3. Sharm is full of Russians, who should never have been allowed out of the motherland. So don't expect to get on with the neighbours. It can be cold if the wind is up, but at least itbshould be safe to go into the sea nowbthey have the caught the shark ....Allegedly. Pick a hotel with a heated pool and thisntime of year I would pick in shark as opposed to the newer resorts along the entire coast.
    Not been to Hurghada but I believe it to be only marginally better..
    Have younlooked at one of the other resorts? El Gouna etc.
    Anyway have fun it will be warmer than here
  4. Agree with Retd-crab, bloody russians everywhere and believe me the social niceties do not exist for them, if you are in the way prepare to be crushed, hotel laid on superb food, if you are a russian and like fish with everything intact, with cabbage oh and red cabbage with fish and cabbage, you get the idea.

    Went to Incerkum Turkey about two weeks later to forget Egypt, fantastic resort hotel (Incerkum beach resort hotel) very few brits, mainly dutch, scandanavians and middle rich Turks, 5 star all the way on a 3 star all inclusive, Egypt never again
  5. Ord-sgt, check out reviews on tripadvisor. I nearly went back and decided it wasn't worth it.
  6. If the Egyptians had any sense they would create "Russian only" hotels, surrounded by razor wire.

    They are complete and utter cnuts, greedy, rude and subhuman, not a single redeeming feature.

    They jump queues, fill their plates with obscene amounts of food for photo- opportunities, then walk away from it.
  7. Hurghada used to be great but it's gone the same way as sharm - full of Russians. Far be it from me to be racist but they're all ***** - Marsa Alam and it was pretty good, although not much to do if you don't like diving or beaches
  8. Yep exactly right, mind you sounds like the septics who go to Cancun in Mexico.

    translated that for you.
  9. I went to Hurghada last summer on a stupidly cheap late deal. Being the only English couple in a 'Russian' hotel was surprisingly enjoyable. The hotel manager was desperate to start bringing in Western Europeans and stop relying on the Russians. We had our own private dining room for every meal, free premium drinks instead of the crappy free stuff, a roped off section of the beach, free spa tickets, and a birthday meal including champagne and cake thrown in. Best of all was the complimentary trip to Cairo by air. Was nice to see the Ruskies queuing for the coach :)
  10. Have been to Sharm twice, admittedly only for the diving. Once with 2 male friends and we had an awsome time, apart from the shits. The next time with 2 large groups including children. MISTAKE!
    Do not take children, especialy girls as the perving bastards will be all over them...yes, even if they are 5,6 etc etc. Some friends who where with us where constantly telling waiters/staff/ general passers by to politely **** OFFas they watched grown men stroke their childs hair and whisper in their ear at dinner

    If you have a blond missus watch out. We walked down a busy street in Naama Bay and some cnut pulled my wife in and locked the door! After she started going nuts they let me in- along with the police man I had dragged over who went ballistic. Aparently he just wanted her to buy something because she had been looking through the window.

    I was in a group who went 5* all inclusive and met up with our other group who went 3*. The stories they told us where unbelievable. From dead cats on the landings, to cockroaches in the rooms. curtains full of mozzies the list goes on. Our hotel was the complete opposite and I cannot say anything bad about it.

    I have been to Turkey, Cyprus, Tunisia and Morocco so it can't be a muslim thing. But I won't be going to Sharm again unless it is with the boys for some top notch scuba.

    Russians are nobs on holiday. As one bar manager told me its just like Spain to us where we go away and get holiday fever- fighting, being a drunk twat etc. Sharm is their Magaluf basicaly
  11. Ord Sgt...Was there in August, and spent a couple of weeks doing the normal touristy things. Visiting Cairo, diving and quad biking etc, but not at the same time you understand? Found the Accom and food generally good, but a bit samey. But this could be easily remedied by a trip to the local eateries for a change. All the usual suspects are there, TGI's, MacDs and many others. On the shopping front, i'm afraid that this is where the place falls on it's arse, as far as i am concerned. Not the variety, which was pretty good overall. No i'm referring to the mither you get from the chogie traders, who rather than let you browse their wares, harass you at every turn, which turns the whole event into a mission, and not really worth the effort. Do take GB£s or US$ as you will get a better rate for your money. However, when you have to exchange to Egyptian pounds, do it in the Allied African Bank, there are branches all over the place, because they are Government run, and will guarantee their rates. You may be tempted to go to an unregistered BdC, DON'T! Because they will offer a better rate, but will not tell you that you have been charged for the exchange! Also don't assume that the price on the board of any eateries is what you actually pay! The reason for this is that all these international diners are taxed very heavily by the Egyptian Govt, and levee the punters to offset it. Fair enough, if you are aware of it, but you won't find any reference to it anywhere! Which made me as a punter, feel ripped off! The place itself is sensational, with all the facilities you could want. Personally, i never had a problem with the Russians, but met others who did, so perhaps i was just lucky? Would i go back? Nah, not straight away. Not until they sort out the harrasssment situation, which really is a pain in the ARRSE, and spoiled what should have been a decent holiday!!! That said, if all you want to do is lie by the pool at your resort, then you'll probably love it and want to go back again? Depends on the individual i suppose??
  12. I didnt think sharm was that brilliant to be honest. The russians were as has been said subhuman and the locals wernt any better. Dont go with a blonde 20 year old with big tits either they woudnt leave her alone to the point i thought she was going to start droping blokes (she was from barrow). The date rape has since worn off and im single now haha.
  13. Haven't been to either but recommend a Nile Cruise
  14. It was interesting when I was there that the natives hate them as well. One of the taxi drivers (those old white suicide buses, which seem to have all gone now) said 'the only thing these Russians are good for is their blondes on the zebra crossings - always stop for those'
  15. They are now blue AND white suicide buses! still the same "if Allah decides it" type of drivers