Anyone been to Romania with the British Army

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by evo7scotsman, Dec 9, 2008.

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  1. Were going to Romania for our annual camp next year, deploying light guns and playing with local soldiers.

    does anyone know what the area is like?
  2. It is a nice country with some rather attractive ladies,
  3. Full of vampires and ugly women who are too skinny.

    They all look the same, Retina burning bright red lippy, Blusher applied on the cheeks with dkp 1 and mascara that's laid on with a trowel ! THE WOMEN ARE EVEN WORSE ! The fit ones still look like Les Dawson in drag !

    And the Spams think we've got bad dental hygiene !?

    However, I noticed this when they were in Iraq ! Never been to Romania.
  4. I have to take issue with arfah. If you can get into Bucharest you will find an awful lot of truly gorgeous women. Definitely a shithole though.
  5. The barracks are pretty basic but better than living in an old farm in Sennybridge washing with american boilers and eating compo for two weeks. The beds are small - over 6 footers might want to sleep on a kip mat on the floor - and crappers are squatters. Training is training - no change there but less mossies than Otterburn. R&R is great if you can get to a large town. The birds like Brits and you'd be surprised how good they speak English, but don't expect a shag just coz you have a few bob in your wallet - its not as poor as you'd imagine.
  6. Admittedly, I wasn't in Romania, I was in Iraq and just made an observation. It was 5 years ago. Can't say i'm too enamoured with the cheeky girls either !
  7. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Yeah, but you would though, wouldn't you? :D
  8. Yeah, but I wouldn't enjoy it !

  9. Agreed, the cheeky girls are truffle hunters.

    As an addition to my above comment, if you are in Bucharest, watch out for the street kids cos they're tough as **** - they do have to be mind.
  10. Ditto. Also spent much of my time there shi**in' through the eye of a needle :oops:

    Very poor country but the people are very friendly, especially out in the sticks near the Ukraine border.
  11. Didnt the London irish go a few years ago...?
  12. we went back in 2000, had a good laugh.

    the accommodation was pretty basic, 40+ bods to a dorm type room.

    as stated in a previous posted the toilets are the squating type, so if you miss you'll sh1t down your legs, also limited supply of hot water in the baracks.

    hope your cooks are better than ours, the food was minging.

    training was top as were the ranges, started of with section attacks and built upto a regt attack, with indirect fire support.

    also if you get a chance to go into one of the big towns you should enjoy yourselves.

    the only thing that spoilt it for us was crab air, 1 lift had electrical faults just after take off on the way out and had to return to brize, and was also delayed on the return by 24hrs.

    also if your up in the mountains beware of the bears.
  13. I was over there in September this year in the mountains had a good time the Romanians were a really good bunch and the weather well less said the better pm me if u need to no anything
  14. The weather was good when I was there a month earlier
  15. I went in 2001 with the Tyne Tees Regiment and we were based in Foscani at a regular Romanian army base. Spent time at Malina ranges as well as visiting Bucharest. It was a damn good annual camp actually and I would recommend it, but the bogs are horrible and some of the inner city areas are typical of what you would expect in the former Warsaw Pact with ugly grey multi storey flats and barbed wire everywhere.