Anyone been to Nesscliff on camp?

Discussion in 'ACF' started by Adamk1976, Mar 2, 2008.

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  1. Good and bad points please...............
  2. Good points - It's better than Aushwitz camp. Food's a lot better.

    Bad points - Cadet's get buggered there.
  3. Used to go there a lot in the 80's

    Good points, Lots of bunkers and a "crashed" airliner on the training areas

    Bad points, the accomodation

  4. Why is the accom bad? IT'S AN F***ING BATTLE CAMP!!!!!!
  5. The local pubs used to do good lock ins, back in the early 80s
  6. I have been to Nesscliffe for the last few years on CCF annual camp. The facilities are basic but enough. Relaxed dress in the mess. The Dinning Hall can be a nightmare when the camp is full. Training areas offer a wide range of opportunities, just watch out for the 'Burning Grounds' on the south training area, they have found all sorts of nasties in there. 143 Bde have always been top notch with training and support ect. enjoy!
  7. Good Points...the bunkers...bad points...pikey thieving cadet fcukers who nick your kit!
  8. Surely that's only a bad thing if you're a cadet?
  9. You will hate it!

  10. I've done a couple of weekends there and an annual camp. The accom is basic but better than a tent. The area big enough to get lost in. Can't comment on the pubs or Mess because as a cadet I didn't do that sort of thing. The buggery was excellent though!
  11. for some its not bad
  12. I used to use Nesscliff many times in the last 80s early 90s and it was used to host the Divisional Patrols Comp. I always enjoyed it, coal burning heaters in the middle of the Nissan Huts. It was basic but also historic and you could not help but imagine how many Troops had passed through there.

    The Training Area was vast, lots of bunkers to sleep in and the interesting game at night as to if the bunker had a roof or not. Happy days.
  13. Basic accommodation, full of thieving cadets and you will queue for ages in the scoffhouse only to find that the food is p!ss poor. Last time we were there the local boozer was closed, but there are respective messes on camp.

    They do manage to make a cracking range stew though, so if you are off to the ranges you are onto a winner, just keep out of the way when they are looking to spam someone with putting out the flags. And I don't mean the 25m range on camp btw.

  14. Yeah, but when its actually more comfortable to sleep outside in a basha you know there is a comfort problem in your lines.

  15. Where is Nesscliff? AKA Willcot? Just off A5, in Shrewsbury?