anyone been to Fort Benning

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by stew, Feb 17, 2005.

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  1. off to fort benning for two weeks this july. Just wondered if anyone had been and new if it was any good and where was good to go on r&r. All they have told is that we are doing a wings package and some thing with the rangers.
  2. If they are brown wings, and the chaps are nice - let me know.
  3. You will sweat your balls off.
  4. you'll be fine just remember to say "scroll to the road" a lot
  5. yeah heard that it was hot lots. Think it might be like southern comfort that could be fun hunting cajuns. Makes a change from freezing to death in otterburn might be able to ditch some warm kit!!
  6. Fort Benning in July! Think hot, humid and hot! Be sure to slag Bush every chance you get, and tell everyone you meet how America is screwed up and how Great Britian is perfect. The locals will love you.
  7. :lol:
    Ya you will be real popular with the Rangers.
    Benning is very hot. I remember when I went to jump school periodically we cooled off in the outdoor showers [without getting our feet wet]. Maybe you will get a chance to shoot the XM-8 rifle. Non-airborne personnel [legs] are
    viewed with disdain at Ft Benning/Bragg. Hope you have wings.
  8. any one any idea what the local chicks are like is it good for a few jars
  9. Locals are very conservative, this is deep south US remember.

    If you want more of a city atmosphere, hire a van, and head up to Atlanta. Quality night out. :D

    As it Chatanooga (further north), but watch what they put in your drinks. :oops:
  10. My wife has wings. But only for a few days each month.