Anyone been to Aldershot recently?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Randy_McNob, Dec 11, 2008.

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  1. Havent been there myself for at least 10 years.

    A quick search on Google shows that most of the old training barracks have shut down now.

    Anyone visited the 'Home of the British Army' recently????

    I'm sure its still shyte

    I still remember the sticker someone had stuck up in the tunnel at the train station with a picture of a cemetery and the words 'Army. get away from it all' on there to scare the new recruits :D
  2. Still crap. :)
  3. Remember the Burger King down the bottom of that hill leading towards the lines??

    When I was there they were building a multi storey car park or something opposite and all the recruits used to nick the bricks to make the weight up for a CFT

    Bet it took Rushmoor Council years to finish it
  4. I live there and it's great.
  5. in the car park?
  7. The car park. I get peckish and stroll across to BK, plus from the top floor of the car park you can spy into the pads opposite and watch all the deviant sex games going on.
  8. So is that BK still there then???!

    Used to be a good stop off before going back to barracks after a weekends leave to get some decent scoff before enduring cookhouse shyte for the next few days
  9. Thought as much.

    Only because I would do the same :D

    Up for the 7 Pigs anniversary next year Jack?
  10. Where's that then? Not heard about it.
  11. I read on here a while back that the tower block in St Omer was due to be demolished a couple of weeks ago. Did that actually happen in the end? If so, any pics?
  12. Spoke about it in the Sigs Forum. 50 years next year!

    Will get some info for you, a bit out the way at the mo.
  13. It's coming down but instead of blowing it up they are now going to dismantle it somehow. Bonkers but I'll get some pics when they start.
  14. Cheers, there's a Maresfield Barracks group started up on Facebook as well now!
  15. Its been on for a while. I put some pictures of the Camp on there from August.