Anyone been refused entry to RMAS because of an old injury??

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Dionysus, Aug 19, 2009.

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  1. i dislocated my knee a couple of years ago now, i've been medically cleared to attend the briefing, and the knee is all good. Obviously it will be slightly weaker than the other, but it isn't noticable. I have to attend the medical center when i go to my briefing. I was just wondering how much of an impact this will have on my application??
  2. I am in a similar situation - had a cruciate ligament repair 6 years ago following a rugby injury though it has been totally stable for years. Have been medically cleared to attend briefing but will be interested to see how things pan out from there.
  3. I think without all yr medical notes in front of us you are hardly likely to get a useful opinion in ARRSE! I went to RMAS in a similar position with a serious healed sports injury involving both dislocation and fracture. Maybe talk to your GP?
  4. I wouldn't go around saying your other knee is weaker, nothing like highlighting the problem!

    They do plenty of tests and assessments. Shoulder dislocations usually have to have 2 years between injury and attending RMAS
  5. I dislocated my knee cap when I was younger had it all assessed and start at RMAS soon so it shouldn't be a problem I'd have thought.
  6. Brilliant. what sort of tests should i expect?
  7. They make you do a funny duck walk, balance and flexibility/hypermobility tests. No idea if they make you do anything extra for dislocations. Is it on your doctors record?
  8. Don't mention it, as the medics will find out if you can or can't do what is required. If your knee is knackered it will probably come unstuck with all the work you will put on it, as to breathing problems you might have had in the past for heavens sake don't self diagnose and mention the "A" (asthma) word or you will be bounced so fast, they don't like cadets popping their clogs on jogs!
    Best of luck.
  9. yea its on my medical records. got smashed, playing rugby, hasnt happened since
  10. Just spotted this thread before i started my own!

    I recently received a letter from the medical center (AOSB), after my medical information arrived from my GP.

    I had declared that I have hurt my back, fractured my sinus playing rugby and also wear glasses.

    The letter says there is 'considerable concern' over my back and eye problems and they require any letters from consultations I have had.

    My problem is i do not have any letters, in my opinion my back is fine I was in and out of hosptial in 3 hours, admttedly unable to move but i can still play rugby and i regularly do heavy squats/deadlifts in the gym.

    I have been cleared to complete my briefing on the condition I attend the medical center for tests.

    what are the Army like with regards to back injuries?

    I have also asked my ACA for some information with regards to laser eye surgery but he has only told me that i have to delay my application for 12 months, is this the norm? and what is the Armys veiw on the procedure?

    thanks for any replies in advance.
  11. Sandhurst are quite jumpy about back injuries, reason being that you regularly carry a lot of weight on your back. It's hard to know what they will say, the best thing is to be honest with them. They do look at each case, and will tend to only fail you on medical grounds if they feel you will not be able to cope with sandhurst or the career that follows. The acceptance criteria is very much driven by the medical team at sandhurst including the smo and the staff of Lucknow platoon.

    In terms of eyesight there are plenty of cadets who wear glasses, and they get isseued some absolutely delightful 'joe 90' glasses. However I do believe there are acceptable parameters. The best thing is probably to attend the briefing, speak to the med centre and then go from there.
  12. Yeah that is understandable, but I really dont think its an issue. I did a 16 mile walk with a pretty heavy back pack on and I was fine not so long ago and I beat my PB on the squats today, Im fairly sure its the wording of the letter thats got me thinking 'oh sh*t'.
    On the laser eye surgery my ACA told me some good info and I think I will go ahead with it.
    Thanks for the reply stabtoreg.
  13. Doesn't Laser Eye surgery bar you from entry?? I'm pretty sure it's a big red flag that one; I'd double check before you do anything
  14. I know someone who has been put on hold for entry to the Marines for a year after laser eye treatment.
    As an aside be careful what you say to the medics, it will all be written down and just means aditional hassle in the calling in of consultants and you having to get the paperwork.
    Best of luck to you all.
  15. ...though obviously you wouldn't want to be seen to be holding back on information about your medical history that is seen as relevant!

    Also does anyone know at what stage in the application process a decision is made as to whether or not you are medically cleared for RMAS if you do have an old injury that may be a showstopper - is it briefing, AOSB, PCBC (?) etc.?