Anyone been handed/handed out an AGAI 67?

Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by Cavalier, Apr 2, 2007.

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  1. Anyone issued/been issued an AGAI 67?

    Is it really worth the paper it’s printed on?
  2. Only on tour. Its was the weapon of choice with some of the more prickish full screws.

    It was just four hours of extras from the CSM if he found you guilty/didn't like your face/was bored/needed some-one to clean his **** socks.

    I didn't get one (good little soldier that I am) but lots of other blokes did.
  3. Don’t get me wrong, I’d rather not put in the paperwork but I feel it’s the only way that this person will learn to stop taking the urine. We’ve tried everything else, then an incident occurred, which almost got me in to a lot of trouble without me even being aware of it.
  4. I can't see it working in Blighty. If he's taking the urine then I doubt he'l suck it up enough to accept it when he can just threaten to leave. If recriuting and retention are high then give it a go, if you need the blokes the OC will squach it to make him stay.

    Failing that wait untill camp. If you have an OTX this year, happy days. Work the pr1ck from sun-up to sun-down.
  5. It can be a useful tool, particularly as it leaves a useful audit trail if you need to discharge him later on!

  6. no but along the grape vine i heard that some cock sure wanna be a sigs instructor started gobbing of on his nco's cdre to some random guy in civvies

    only turned out to be a wo1, who saw his arse went proper red in the face i heard

    unlucky to you once a trooper always a trooper =(
  7. No, never seen one given.

    AGAI 67 not particularly useful for TA IMHO. They won't turn up if they've been given extra's, simple as. That has a disproportionate knock on effect for attendance on the whole, which ain't good.

    A "front and center" and 10 press-ups seems to do the trick at our place.

  8. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Never seen an AGAI, but one soldier put on a 3 month formal by the OC last year. Result? He did not turn up for 3 months "so that he couldn't drop himself in it".

    Worth it? Yes - documentary evidence to support any future formal actions.
  9. Saw one soldier get AGAI'd once, 4 extras, and to hand it to the cheeky begger, he turned up every weekend and did them.
  10. If you give a STAB extras, on top of their normal trg, do they get paid for it? Where's the punishment in that and look at the cost to the tax payer!

    We're not trg next month, I know, I'll be a gobby cnut, get AGAId, come in, do me extras, get paid and claim res to duty! FFS!!!
  11. Wind it in FFS! They were established weekends already on the training calander, he didn't get any extra money because he would have been in training anyway, it just happens to be that he did his training and then stagged on all night as well!
  12. All very well, but if you word it properly (ie "Pte Shagnasty must improve in the following then he hasn't fulfilled the training requirement and you can extend it- or if you want to, bin him- proceedures for which would presumably have been started anyway by three months non attendence without permission?
  13. I had to use AGAI 67 on tour with a prick in my team. The individual concerned should not have got through Chilwell.

    He managed a hat-trick of appalling personal administration, only classed SOP's as necessary if it made sense on his very lonely planet, and thought it was his personal duty to question or avoid carrying out lawful orders from all levels in the chain of command (I'm talking dodging patrols, not areas)

    I did condsider doing it the old way (many many times) but after a particular fracas (involving a poke with a finger) he promised to make a complaint "next time"

    Net result - He made great friends with the Leccies who's duties in the kitchen he took over, got six (from 3 different NCO's) in 5 months and was eventually put on an Agai freeze because he was a bayonet the CSM couldn't lose. I could have quite happily double stagged to have lost him. In this respect the AGAI process failed.

    On the up side, when he started mumbling about being bullied - in the form of full kit checks more often than trusted members of the multiple, Because of his appalling paper record he was told to wind it in.

    Two years on, in all fairness he did get AGAI'd for things that would get a more capable person a bollocking. But bollockings didn't work, taking him to one side, explaining and reasoning didn't work. All other avenues had failed. But if he came back, stayed in and kept his nose clean, all but the shite insert (I hope he got) would be gone in twelve months.
  14. The other "weapons" available to these "prickish" full screws being what?
  15. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    It served it's purpose as it was - showed that arguing in public with SNCOs was not the way forward. His absence for 3 months was no great loss! We all have people like him - turn up just enough to get by, barely scrape through MATTs and war dodge worse than the French.

    In short, the type of TA soldier that FLAPPB rightly despises.