Anyone at Pirbright tommorow (24th March) for Phase 1?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Cable, Mar 23, 2008.

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  1. Greets all,

    Just wondered if anyone's leaving for phase 1 at Pirbright tommorow. I know it's a bit mongish to post on the evening before but I'm starting to get a little nervous and having a few doubts about whether I'm fit enough et cetera.

    So yea. I'm actually looking forward to it a great deal but am still a tad nervous, which I guess is to be expected.

    Anyone else getting the train tommorow then?

    -- Cable
  2. nah sorry buddy i passed out last friday and i know for a fact that two section commanders and my platoon sgt are starting there new platoons tomorro, what trade you going into??
  3. Joining the REME as an armourer.
  4. There is a bloke at Pirbright with a stick and a big badge that likes to be called matey, get in with him and you will be on a winner.

    Also in the cookhouse just leave your dishes it gives you real street cred.

    If you dont feel up to it just ask the PTI and he will let you go to bed for a little kip.

    Block Corporals will bring you tea in the morning before you get up.

    Dont call anyone below Sgt (3 stripes) anything other than mate or Jock if they are scottish.
  5. Yeah i am, not nervous yet but will be tomorrow. I'm not getting the train as theres maintenance work on the line i need to use lucky its a bank holiday and i can get driven to the station.

    I'm joining the Royal Artillery as Light Gunner.
  6. Aye, I'll be getting driven down too - lot's of messing about with the journey my ACIO gave me so I'll be getting a lift.

    I'll see you there then!

    -- Cable
  7. I wouldnt worry about the fitness... unless you've piled on the pounds since RSC. If i was you i would worry about getting some sleep, its going to be a long day!!!

    Im so glad my only worry in life is if i should get up before or after lunch...
  8. Aye bugger off to bed and get some kip, any chance you get to get your head down take it.
  9. That sounds like a plan. I'll probably be counting sheep until they start hitting the fence instead of jumping over it but any shut-eye helps.

    Night fellas, I'll post during my long weekend about how my nice corporal is gently shaking me awake at 10am with a mug of hot chocolate ^_^

    -- Cable
  10. Just wanna say good luck, i go to pirbright 5th of may can imagine how you must be feeling. If i was you though i would get sum kip because theres nothing more you can do now to prepare, just try your best for the next 14 weeks, 100% and all that! You know your gona hate it sometimes, but imagine the end of basic and your in the job you want and all your hard work has paid off!!! :wink:

    Anyways good luck!! n keep cool 8) lol
  11. oh too late...nm
  12. Good luck lads Pirbright is a great place, just stick with it and you will do fine :)
  13. When i was in training this captain woke us all up with a brew :D so it does happen.