Anyone agree with this

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by QinetiQ, Nov 27, 2005.

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  1. Got this in an email, thought is had a point!!!!
  2. Very random, QinetiQ. Any chance you will actually share the email?
  3. got this in an email. thought it had a point....[​IMG]

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  4. Very good and sadly very true.

    (QinetiQ, do you want me to sort your shite out ref your posting mongedness?) ;)
  5. too true

    i'm thinking of going abroad,changing my nationality then moving back to the uk in order to
    obtain these benifits for myself !

    its BOLLO_KS
  6. Sadly, very true. Unfortunately i find i tend to lose popularity if i start echoing these sentiments round University, but hey, it's not like anyone liked me in the first place! :D
  7. You should go spastic round the campus with an automatic weapon.

  8. ... and you must have so much experience of the welfare state and immigration issues being a spotty teenager at uni, eh ? How the fcuk would you if it's true or not ?

    It's as amusing as it is true and it's simply designed to wind up the uninformed.
  9. Very, very dissapointed to see this on Arrse. Why? Because instead of leaving the UN and working for a rather large international company (and doubling my salary), I would almost be better off by taking it in the arrse and claiming refugee status.

    PS I believe that if I claim religeous persecution because my Church believes it is correct to rape women and murder innocents, then I should get at least a 4 bedroom Chelsea home (worth at least 2.1 million GBP)

    PPS Utterly ratarrsed at this moment in time. Drank Rum earlier: always brings out the cnut in me :) Now everyone bugger off and kill a floppie.
  10. Of course i've experience of the welfare state and immigration issues. I'm suckling at the teet of public money, and subsidised by foreign student's fees :D
  11. ... Oh FFS!

    Was this poster meant for distribution in Pakistan, India, Hong Kong, the Phillipines.... or just Scotland, NI or Wales?

    why don't we all goose step to work from now on then eh?

    <... as she tries to bleach her skin in order to be appreciated as a full contributor to society>
  12. Unfortunatly life has been made easier for people who don't want to work
    but who's the mug us for doing a 40hr+ a week job and simply surviving to pay the mortgage
    or them for sitting on there arrse and letting the government pay it for them.
    heres to the colapse of the welfare state :twisted:


    live every day as if it was your last because one day you'll be right.