Anyone a Civil Servant with a military establishment?

Can anyone give me some generic advice on what to expect at the point of the interview? (aside from the usual position-specific questions)

Also, does anyone know if (as a Civil Servant) accommodation on barracks is applicable? - I don't really want to ask this at the interview stage as I don't want them to see it as a potential hurdle (accommodation would be a bonus, but not essential).
Find out the Competances expected for the Grade you are applying for and prepare some examples of how you have achieved them.

Unless you are counted as a temporary attachment accn will be at at the non entitled rate = very expensive!
Paymaster said:
Find out the Competances expected for the Grade you are applying for and prepare some examples of how you have achieved them.

Ah, so I'm doing the right thing then? I've basically found out as much as I can about the regiment's role and have been going through the spec, writing up examples of experience (just so I've got something to fill any pauses).

Do you know said rates? Or where I can find a table of costings so I can work that in to the interview (or even at point of offer).

Thanks for the heads up.
Accommodation highly unlikely!

Standard interview techniques apply; don't get flustered, don't bluff and don't be afraid to ask them to re-phrase the the question if you don't understand what they are asking about.

Make sure you are up to date on what is happening current event wise and specifically MOD, i.e. JPA, Inf restructuring, TA re-balancing etc.

Good Luck!
Whether accommodation is available depends on where the site is located and how desperate they are to employ you! I know of Civil Servants who live in a Mess and pay the going rate because it is still cheaper and more flexible than renting on the open market.

It's a good idea to have some idea of what you might be joining; not the details - but read the main items on the MOD's website and be prepared to mention that you know who the new SoS is... and the size of the Defence budget. Where are we deployed? How large is the MOD Civil Service?

At what grade are you aiming?

Good Luck!

That's what I was thinking; it may work out cheaper than renting where I am, and commuting/driving (although I'd probably be returning at weekends).

I've managed to get hold of the Fifth report, which is invaluable, also the MoD site for stats (but don't want to delve TOO deep in to facts and figures not job-specific).

I'm applying for a C2 position, and am so far, extremely interested in the job itself as it's right up my street.

I don't have much by way of experience, specific to the role, but I have a fundamental understanding of what's expected. (But surely I wouldn't have been offered an interview if I didn't meet the criteria?)
I (for my sins) am a Snivel Servant on a crab base. If you need the competences, then I can PM some of them to you. It'll have to be Thursday next week though.

What's the job?
In most cases where civil servants are allowed to live in a Mess, it is on a non-entitled basis both in terms of rates and in that they may be given notice to move out if the accom is needed for entitled personnel.
Litotes said:
How large is the MOD Civil Service?

Easy ! - "Too Large" - Its just slightly bigger than the Regular Army.

Too many organisations that are just self-sucking lollypops. Too many people who see process as all important, forgetting what the output should be. Look up that list of "Defence" organisations on the Defence website. Its frightening.

How about we increase the pay, cut the staff and insist on real output ?

Good luck Cavalier, you sound keen. I hope you get the job and that they start paying C2 like the Majors the grade equivalence says they are.
Thanks all, I suppose it's just a case of waiting out until the interview and seeing if I can pull it out of the bag!

At the risk of sounding niaive, anally rententive and getting a sly beating of words from all directions; what is it with Civil Servants that the Army doesn't like? (possibly a rhetorical question!!)

But, thanks again for the headsup.
One thing to be sure you do is negotiate your starting salary at the interview. Sounds strange but you must do this.

Unlike the majority of the commerical sector the civil service only give one interview and then offer the job. If you do not negotiatie at your interview you will start on the lowest band of your scale.

This happend to someon I know and no amount of pressure could force the civil service to change his starting band as he had excepted the position.

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