Anyhone know anything Luftwaffe markings?

I have recently been given a picture by the WW2 war artist Vallance Jean Gregson (crazy name or what).

It is the mangled tail of what looks like a Ju 52. The pic was done in 1943 so I assume it is in the Western Desert.

On the tail is a large yellow 'P', to the right a smaller number '2' and below this a smaller letter 'G'.

If anyone has any clue what unit/formation this represents I would be very grateful. I did have a look on t'internet but it gets very complicated very quickly.

This may help:

The bomber geschwader with the code P1 served in support of the Afrika Corps, so it is possible that the other 'P' codes also served there, there are a couple of transport units which would account for JU52s, although P2 would point to a recce/ground attack squadron for which a JU52 would have been a bit cumbersome, to say the least!

The codes were usually painted on the side of the aircraft, not the tail though, so perhaps this is a dead end.
These sites give P12 as a code used by P2 - Aufklärungsgruppe 21 and Aufklärungsgruppe 11 at different times

This entry says that Aufklärungsgruppe 11 was a short ranged recce unit equipped with Hs126 liaison and recce aircraft on the Don front in the Soviet Union.

Aufklärungsgruppe 21 seems to have served on the Russian front as well

Ju52s were used by training establishments and other odd units. The tail markings may not correspond to the formation markings.

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