Anybody want a floppy?

With thirty airframes, engines etc you probably have a better than evens chance of getting one flying regularly...probably.
According to the aviation press their not in bad nick, a couple have been in a hanger in Shawbery for years, so may not have that many hours on them
As I am in my '80's I have had a floppy for years..................but don't like to talk about it!

Aye heard you walked into the bedroom and found your wife doing handstands when you asked her why she said "Well if you can't get it up maybe you can drop it in"

I think we may regret flogging them soon. Seeing how the Gazelle is now staying with us for at least another 5+ years.....
Will this be the usual get rid of all the half decent ones and keep the shite then spend a bucket load of cash on them to keep them airworthy?
Tenner says next year there will be a UOR for a small, lightweight helicopter for Afghanistan.
Why on earth do we flog this stuff off, instead of keeping some sort of strategic equipment reserve?

At the very least, these would have been ideal battlefield taxis in Iraq/Afghan. Wonder how many convoys & casualties they might have saved.......?

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