Anybody up for Dennis MacShane bashing?

Come and join us on the Telegraph Comment Section, and continue the merciless character slaughter of the cynical Member of Parliament, Dennis MacShane. It's fun. He's written a totally mendacious piece for the Telegraph where he calls for less tax and spend. Some of the feedback by readers includes:

"You plonker you joined the wrong party"

"Like all socialists this guy is a complete fu**wit"

"HaHaHa...How can you even look at yourself in the mirror? "

"Just another maggot who views my income as their own...Pathetic little "man".

"Hypocrite, liar and two-faced mendacious shyster."

"I was going to write a thoughtful reply to your cynical piece. Then I thought, why should I? F*ck off, Mcshame. That's how people really feel, you traitor."

A bit of spicing up with the harsh flavour of arrse wouldn't go amiss :D :

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