Anybody smell a rat?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Murphy_Slaw, Jan 19, 2009.

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  1. By all accounts, a fantastic use of resources. Wonder if it would work in Council Estate's.....!
  2. Unless of course AQ have developed it for use on the general public...
  3. The US has long had a research capability into this kind of stuff, I gather.

    Looks like its paying off.
  4. At the time that AIDs first showed up South Africa led the world in organ transplants, and where way ahead in the use of imunity resistant drugs to prevent organ rejection, It did not need a great deal of science to modify these drugs to completly destroy the imune system witch is what AIDs does, so did they release a modified form of one of these drugs in black Africa.

    The Germans did resurch into this and had the first major cockup in Marburg
    Sorry can't remember the date
  5. If there is anyone in SIS or Security Service who is studying terrorist methods of distributing biological agents please contact me to discuss. I'm not going to post the method on here for obvious reasons but if they are planning it now would be the time to act.

    Clearly some bona fides would be required so I don't describe it to Mohammed Bloggs by PM ;)

    (If you have the resources, just phone me!)
  6. All last week UK History ran a prog on Terror attacks since ww2. It gave all the info needed after the Tokyo gas attack
  7. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    If this is true, good hit. Might work in Gaza.
  8. The Marburg outbreak was in fact a caused by a filovirus similar to ebola and occurred after the scientists came into contact with green monkeys which they were using to research the polio vaccine. The monkeys were shipped from Uganda. Marburg disease is also known as green monkey disease and is pretty unique. It is a virus which are know to alter their own genetics and mutate without any intervention from scientists.

    Likewise, HIV is a virus and it would be very unlikely that a virus would ever have been used in africa as an immuno suppressor for transplant patients. Similar forms are known to have existed in other mammals so it is likely that it mutated to cross species.

    As far as the topic goes, I would have hoped if there was any skullduggery, it was on the yanks part and not terrorists playing with potential biological weapons. What is worrying is that we know they do have access to biological weapons now.
  9. Rat fleas don’t discriminate on which side you are on, neither does a virus

    Plague can be a double edged sword (a tired analogy I know)

    It would not take much for this to get out of control, all we need is this to end up in a major airport and we are all screwed

  10. Not really, most hospitals have vaccines for the plague. It's only worrying if you live in a cave and don't have access to a half decent medical facility.
  11. Are we still allowed to call it Black Death?

  12. I dont think its as simple as "pop into the hospital, they have a vaccine"

    I think you may be complacent, I would be worried about fleas in say, Waterloo station or how about Brick Lane? how many rats in London anyone?

    Something we can do without and not something to be Blasé about
  13. 'Non-ethnically engendered mortality' is the perfered term, now.