Anybody remember this?

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by Bubbles_Barker, Jan 5, 2012.

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  1. Used to make a fortune as CIVPOP in that chippy!

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  2. Christ on a bike that takes me back a bit. The corner shop to the left of the two guys, I can remember myself and a mate bumping an RE patrol from the back garden of that place then running back inside, stashing our gats, then sitting by the road outside supping from cans of Tennants as the RE guys bimbled past trying to figure out where the hit had come from. Oh the joys of youth!!
  3. **** me... is that Killymurphy ?

  4. It certainly is Killymurphy. Went through it three times as SF and once as CIVPOP - I know which was the most enjoyable! Pretty sure it's just a smudge on the Sennelager Google Earth page now..........

    Still, there were lots of petrol bombs around!

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  5. Top road, final riot!

    I remember that all the previous riots used 'killymurphy' bricks.
  6. I can remember a certain member of the DS dressed as a priest when the riots took place encouraging us to get shed loads of the coal briquettes gathered and then teaching us the right way to throw them for maximum damage
  7. The 'can' bar! You could come out steaming as CivPop and start on the patrols!

    Sinn Fein office across the road!
  8. If you were OIC CIVPOP then you were also the 'Priest' to the Godforsaken flock of Killymurphy, guided by the godless bastards of NITAT(BAOR). I have a BW photo somewhere of me in a cassock presiding over a 'burial' service followed by whipping the scum into a frenzy followed by much brick chucking.

    Photography was, of course, forbidden.......
  9. Ha yeah , I experianced that on both sides of the fence. Also made me laugh was the amount of 58 sleeping bags hanging out the houses windows to dry out after a good session the night before.

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  10. Remember coming out the can bar one night, a group of us, well oiled & approached by a member of NITAT who asked if we,d like to tip over a van, torch it & throw a few things at a patrol.. well talk about waving a red flag at a bull. A pile of coal was left conveniatly nearby & the fun & games began.. I remember my bezzer bending down to pick up some coal infront of me & unfortunatly (for him) he stood up just as I launched my lump with some velocity at the 1 BW ( I think) patrol. There was a sickining CRACK followed by much screaming , swearing & questioning of my parentage follwed a few hours later by 6 stitches. He still aint forgot about that to this day some 24 years later. Ollie let it lie son.. I know your readin this. :)

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  11. Good post, had some giggles there, i remember one serial i was part of an undercover team that had just ambushed some baddies who had robbed i think it was a betting shop, on that street, we were in civvies but with ARMY base ball caps on and the QRF came screaming around the corner, saw us all armed with Armalites and gunned down half the street, even though we had raised our arms and were shouting Army at the tops of our voices :) epic fail by the brick cmdr

    Also the RPG shoot, but one of the cmdrs having been there several times pre-empted it, so as soon as we popped up from behind a wall he slammed into reverse and backed straight into the LR behind him causing both to stall in the street so the RPG round was a hit instead of a miss, as per the serial, and a full blown riot errupted on the 2 trapped lannies

    And the scariest is the shotgun through a door as a patrol passes, out the back into a gettaway car and away, shocking how easy it was to do!

    I remember none of civpop wanted to be proddies :)
  12. Yes, but you just got shit loads of coal and had a lovely warm fire in your allocated house...I even had a car (Audi 80) skidding around the village.

    I remember once, a patrol member was perched outside the SF office, the door opened slightly and he was dragged in...mega!
  13. Or being told as civpop not to pick up any mags left lying around as they were booby trapped, lad on civpop sees a couple of grot mags on a bin lid, picks them up and off they go, DS 'we told you not to pick up any mags left lying around',' i thought you meant weapon mags!!!' replies scared shitless civpop lad
  14. I photographed this but never read it - until today!

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  15. Anybody remember doing civpop in the ruined church? It had no roof and we used to sit around BFO bonfires drinking Asbach of an evening. We found a skull nearby, one of the black tinned veg lads was petrified of it and would run like a man posessed if you chased him while holding it. One of the lads wanted to spray it silver and put it on the front of the Rover but someone remembered there had been a murder recently and we handed it over to the monkeys.
    Happy days.