Anybody remember the film 'The Red Beret'?

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Blanco Bill, Oct 12, 2012.

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  1. The film starred Alan Ladd and my Dad flew the Dakota. Heres a photo of the star with my Dad in the sgts mess RAF Abingdon circa 1952.
    Dad and Allan Ladd.jpg
  2. Have happy memories of watching it on numerous trips to Arnhem. Especially enjoy the part where PJI lobs out of Whitely hole first to encourage crow and promptly has a candle and spanks in.
  3. Stanley Baker played that part. The film was the standby 'interest' film when the courses were weathered out and PCAU weren't in the mood for drill.

    Took a lot of effort by all accounts to malfunction the 'X' type parachute for that scene as during the rehersals the thing consistently opened however partially. They ended up stapling the peripheral hem to ensure the textbook roman candle effect.
  4. Didn't they "Dub" his voice out?
  5. I don't know.
  6. "I pity he who hears the sound of the pipes and wasnae born in Scotland...."
  7. I have seen it recently on one of the freeview channels; if its anything like some of the other films it'll be on for a six week run, 'Appointment in London' ran repeatedly as well as a wedge of 'Doctor at large' films.
  8. I had forgotten that but now remember it being shown as a sort of "recruiting" film. God knows when it was though, just after Agincourt at a guess
  9. Remember it well. It was released here in North America as 'Paratrooper' since the producers did not think their audiences would know what the significance of a red beret was.

    Another film with scenes that were shot at Abingdon was 'Operation Crossbow?' The parachute training sequence showed the actors (George Peppard, Tom Courtney and Jeremy Kemp) jumping in harness off of a training tower. I think Courtney even had to go off the tower twice.

  10. RAF Abingdon 25m range was also used in the film. Frank Foley who issues the bollocking on their landing technique, was a serving PJI at the time.
  11. I'm pretty sure it was, but can't be arrsed to look it up. I do know that "North Africa" was in fact Trawsfynnydd and my Grandad and the rest of his local TA unit were extras, quite handy as they were Airborne. Though the choice of location was a little strange Traws is like Brecon but with more rain!