anybody recommed life cover

hi , i`m after life cover that covers me for tours and just wondered if anybody knows any good companies. i been given a quote from Abacus which i didi`nt think was bad but just wanted others opinions. cheers
Get your Admin Office to give you a PAX pack - they should be able to explain everything you need to know, and it's generally seen as the best one for your money.
Good luck - hope you never have to use it!
Steer clear of NAAFI whatever you do. They're dreadful. My policy runs out in Sep thank god. Their customer support is rubbish. I've written 3 letters stating that my unit address has changed, rang around 6 times and popped into a NAAFI financial centre twice yet they still insist on sending to a unit that I have not been a member of since Sep 2003. And they cannot even spell my name right. If they're like this now, what the hell are they going to be like if something does happen to me and my family try to sort out the insurance? NAAFI Financial-run by monkeys.....

i would go with pax see how many units you want then you dont have to worry about a thing as it comes striaght from your pay, you dont have to worry about direct debits etc
I have the full 15 units of PAX and it give's piece of mind. You do pay slightly more with life cover but for £48.50 per month i think it's worth it, oh and you husband/wife is also covered for free (kids cost extra under the family plan).

There is always private firms such as scotish widdows, heard that they are, quite good.

Hope that helps.

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