Anybody recognise this guy?


One of my female friends was seriously assaulted about 3 months ago, just near Casinos in Rochester. she was punched in the face by a complete stranger and needed reconstructive surgery to her eye socket.

luckily the assault was caught on CCTV. Anyone at 1 RSME or the Chatham / Maidstone area recognise this guy? or seen him around town?

there's a CCTV clip at the bottom, with a clearer view of the gutless wanker responsible. he's believed to be living in the local area and wanted by Kent police for the assault.

cheers, any help much appreciated, whether on here or by PM if you recognise him from town.


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sorry mate very seldom down the medway area, hope you catch him.

have you asked around the sewers/canon/etc????

good luck.
Can't help either ... up the road in Singlewell but very rarely in mudway. Hope the bill get the gutless tw@t soon and bang him away.

Agree with Knocker ... drop a couple of pics off down at the Cannon with some of the local lads (lots of old school ex corps there)... they might just find him for you and even have a chat!


Seen this with the apology from Kent plod on the local news last week. They bolloxed this from start to finish and I cannot believe that no one has come forward and named this gutless pr**k.
With a little bit of tweaking that would be a clear pic. I cannot believe he is not known to them!
Hope she has recovered from this ordeal and they catch him before you or your mates do.

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