anybody out there have a rowallan sweatshirt they want to se

Discussion in 'Officers' started by massivegeoff, Nov 18, 2008.

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  1. many years ahve passed since i had a go on the mean macjine or had to carry that damn shell. i have moved on, and have LONG enjoyed a liffe on civvy street.

    BUT, that term in the basement has left its mark and i am VERY proud of the fact that i passed (albeit by the skin of myteeth!). :oops:

    now, i am very fond of my rowallan comapny sweat shirt. problem is it is getting a bit worn. :( getting one made is a LITTLE pricey, and cutting out the badge and sewing it on a new sweatshirt will just looke tawdry. so does anyone have a spare one (chest 38-42ish?) sitting in a drawer somewhere?

    now that i am going through my mid-life crisis and back in green (granted as an ACF instructor which is only pretendy soldiering!), i DO like wearing the sweatshirt. especially as few of the other adult instructors are really aware of the significance and the kids all think it's a royal highland regt shirt or somting! :D
  2. What were they doing to you on your course for you to come out with only a 38 - 42" chest measurement.

    In my day everyone finished the course with at least a 46" chest and 32" waist, and a pretty big ego, despite eating Ghurka curries 3 times a week.

    Though if they allowed girls on Rowallan in your day and you are one then you did very well.