Anybody out there driving a new Merc Sprinter?

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Longlenny, Feb 23, 2013.

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  1. Longlenny

    Longlenny War Hero Book Reviewer

    Is anyone driving around in and have experience of a modern Sprinter. I have an ancient Sprinter 412, it is a 1996 version and has done 379k and is beginning to get a bit second hand. Am looking to replace it with a 316 and am seeking info on reliability etc. the 412 has done very well, the only major issue being the ECU failing at about 250k, but Merc in their wisdom decided to pay the £1204.00 bill. It does help to have a son who is a barrister though!
  2. We have 30 ranging from 10 to 62 plate. They seem a good motor , the drivers like them & they are used & abused 24/7. So far no major probs to report exept they chew thro front tyres which although that can be atributed to driver abuse, it wasnt that case with the Transits , LDVs & Vivaros they replaced. The cabs big & roomy & has loads of storage for clutter & like all sprinters its a comfy driving position with good visbility... OH & AC is an expensive option. Thats all I can say about them so far TBH.
  3. We have 8x 313's and 1x 513
    All under 18 months old, some of them are upto 70,000 miles now (keep the mileage down by rotating the vans around longer/shorter routes) and they are pretty good.
    Most of them have had coolant manifold replaced at service due to slight coolant loss.
    They all blow a couple of bulbs a week. All of them. Mercedes deny any issue but all 9 of ours do it.

    The only hesistation I have is that we have ours serviced at night, when we collect them at 2am there is always a lot of crated engines being returned to Mercedes. The mechanics at the dealer reckon its a small quantity considering the amount of vans they are servicing but a dozen failed engines outside the workshops catch your eye!

    The other thing to consider is that the newer engines/box's are heavy unladen weight is higher than the 311's.
    Ours are all refrigerated ex-lwb and some them only have a 650kg payload

    The 513's arches (insulated body) are too narrow to take a pallet and the thing is nothing but a white elephant, so much so that we have a 7.5tonner on its way to replace it.

    Cat's are highly desirable to Pikey's, they're worth over £300 scrap apparently and Mercedes offer a Cat Lock for £125 which should be standard but is money well spent.
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  4. Ours use tyres in about 50'000 miles but wear seems fairly even between front/rear
  5. We have been using 516 & 616 Sprinters in various configurations (passenger & freight) for over 10 years. These are work horses that have never let us down. Driven properly they give us a good fuel consumption and low maintenance costs. 2013 models have a limiter fitted as standard - set at 110 kmh. Do not even think about disabling it as you will invalidate your warranty. You might however think about having the limiter set lower, 100 kmh, by the dealer as this will improve your fuel consumption by around 18%.

    Enjoy your new vehicle.
  6. Longlenny

    Longlenny War Hero Book Reviewer

    Thanks for the replies. I should have said that the van will be converted to a motor home just like the old one. The 379k is clicks not miles, the 412 was fitted with a tachometer and these register in clicks. We like to get about a bit and the old one was a good base for a conversion. It is used to tow a trailer with a car on quite often and is a superb tow vehicle.
  7. I've seen some quite new ones with a fair bit of rust underneath. Iveco are popular with self builders I've seen some very nice conversions.
  8. Aye go for an Iveco parts are cheaper and they dont rust as much! I've an old Parcel force ELWB van and it's the mutt's, Have you had a look and see what Parcel force are off loading they seem to swap out every 4yrs mines was sold off at 100k which is sod all for a 2.8 engine
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  9. Ditto,

    Never have any lights in the back which is a pain when dark outside. Had my Cat nicked when parked outside the house. Make sure you get the Cat lock.

    I really like my Van, I prefer driving it to the car. Keep bumping it though!!
  10. Check on the UK based merc car/van owners forums and engine problems and rust seem to be issues , the word's rust and Merc go together it seems - certainly the 02 W203 C36 estate the Mrs just sold was starting to rust around the wheel arches , Merc paint was 1 micron thick and applied over rust it seems in the late 90's uptill 05-06 when things started getting better , the Mrs new E class is four times the car the W203 was.
    If you want rear drive choices are limited - our company use a mix of rwd Iveco and fwd Fiat Ducato's , the Fiats are nicer to drive , more comfortable and quieter , the Ivecos are stronger, more truck like to drive . Both suffer from italian electrics , engines pull well with ours being on the absolute weight limit 95% of the time - we have mostly 130hp but some 160hp Ducatos , same for Iveco's. My ideal ? 160hp 4wd Ducato - seen them in ski resorts .