Anybody on stag right now?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by the_butler, Dec 25, 2007.

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  1. If you are unlucky enough to be stagging on even if it is a civvy duty lets pool together a list of bad bad things you can get up to to while away the silent hours.
    Reminiscent of site guard sangers with fishy radiators or calling the CO on his mobile at 4am. :roll:
  2. Put on a (known) officers voice. Crash out the Guard as fire piquet to the officers mess.
  3. ............Nice One.....

    I am at work until 07:30 hrs..........working at a University in North Lancashire. far this evening I have sh*t in the Vice Chancellors intray........had a w ank while making an obsene phone call...............pissed myself twice.....the other people I work with are disgusted.....

    Merry Christmas and a HAPPY NEW YEAR to one & ALL..
  4. Im in civvy strasse now so no duties as such.

    I remember one yeah when in Osnatraz as Duty Cleric, the Padre of all people turned up quite late in the night with a tipple of brandy to celebrate christmas!
  5. Me too but this is my first Chrimbo off as a civvy since 98
  6. Currently on stag watching the baby grandson whilst Nana and his mother are down town getting drunk.....never volunteer my old RSM used to say...did I listen? :(
  7. Just got back from a 'meeting' with Zero-Alpha. Driving through dark country roads in the rain.
    ...Zero Charlie would flip if she knew I was driving in this weather.
  8. I was meant to be on nights, (as a civvy until 0800 hrs), but a bloke turned up saying he was on duty at one minute to midnight.

    I think it was Santa in disguise. Could not get out of there quick enough.

    Sad thing is, it was my third night and having slept all day can't sleep. Merry Christmas to one and all.
  9. Im in Bastion and its fookin freezing.
  10. I'm on shift right now, been on since 19.00 and expected to finish at 08.00, due to transport problems. Not a problem you might think, double time and all that, but just been informed that the day shift will not be in until 09.00 earliest. Bollox.
    PS. The City of London is extremely quiet at the moment.
  11. bah I'm in the office now and its dead - apart from the bird in the next room - boring
  12. Yup, sitting bleerey eyed, listening to my Daughter screaming while her Mother (who has been up all night comforting her) gets some schlaffen. First Christmas with twins...Christ....Merry bah humbug! When can I sleep please......
  13. Its a nice day on duty here at Liverpool Air Support. Should get to see the football if there are no callouts. 12 hour shifts are great. Sorry if you are on stag in a sh**hole worse than this city......
  14. Keep the bloody noise down when flying over L18,I've got a hangover :lol:
  15. NSTR from this bunker, all quiet up the Valley.