Anybody no my local Regiment?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by ASickKid, Feb 18, 2012.

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  1. I'm from Merseyside, I wanted to no if there are any local Regiments here?

    Like in Liverpool or Merseyside?

    Infantry Regiments thanks
  2. Army website?
  3. Or any Infantry Regiment that I don't have to move out of Liverpool or Merseyside
  4. Don't be silly.
  5. No!

    Try the Duke of Lancaster's or the Irish Guards.
  6. Dole Patrol.
  7. hahahahahahahha Nice one
  8. Why would you not want to move out of Scouse Land?????

    Duke of Lancaster's Regiment.......
  9. 3rd Bn Work Dodgers. "The Scallys".

    Think they were once mechanised, but that all ended with a pile of bricks.
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  10. Why? Are you thinking of starting an independence movement?

    Join the boy scouts, the only time you have to go far from home is on summer camp.
  11. I like it hahahaha wouldn't wanna move over to some other shitty part of England to be honest it's all the same
  12. Hahahahaha piss poor wind up.
  13. I agree our kid. You don't wanna leave da pool.Calm down

  14. I know the King's Regiment is Liverpool and Manchester's local infantry regiment. Other infantry regiments which take Scousers include the Paras, Guards and Rifles. You could also try Royal Marines which take recruits from all over, including Liverpool.
  15. A sick kid from a sick sick shitty city....

    I bet your on benefits like your mother and her 5 boyfriends....