Anybody need a Butler

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by the_butler, Mar 17, 2009.

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  1. Preferably UK based (too much to ask for in the NW)
    Everything has gone pear shaped and I am unemployed.
    CV available to serious potential employers.
    Not in the mood for wind ups.
    Thank you.
  2. A few Butler positions on this website .
  3. Thanks for the help but I am all over the butler sites like a rash.
    The recruitment agencies tend to lie about their positions to get you on their books. I am on Greycoats books but give them a wide berth due to the way they fill a position for the money (15% of starting salary) rather than the right person for the right job. I am a member of 3 Butlers guilds and they are okay but work is a little thin at the moment. I have worked in 2 military households and found them the most fitting to my skills so I thought I would check on here.
    Again though Thank you every little helps.
    The shoe shine is keeping me going at the mo. :wink:
  4. Almost tempted there but sharing your accom with other staff on occasions. How double dare they. :roll:
  5. "...occasionally other staff may use a bedroom overnight" in your grace-and-favour residence on Ali bin-Raghead's estate, for Goodness' sake. Jeezus, you should see what us high-class security prostitutes have to put up with.
  6. I once turned down a position on the Mountbatten Estate because the accommodation was not up to standard. Good enough they got me a nice 3 Bedroom rent free flat overlooking the park so I changed my mind.
    These people want staff of a certain calibre they cannot expect them to rough it thee days. My last house was very nice, spacious and decorated well. 100 years ago all the male staff lived in it. 200 years ago it was a laundry.
  7. How about the back pages of Country Life and The Lady magazines. If I recall correctly these used to have vacancies listed of the sort you`re after.
  8. Most recent Country Life only lists one butler position, and that's:

    Travelling Butler
    Based Lebanon, discretion essential, travel throughout Europe, valet and organisational skills, team player. Salary negotiable, all found. Previous experience required and some driving required. CRB essential.

    Other ads ask for :

    Exp. couple in Hampshire, estate manage + housekeeper/family cook

    Cook//housekeeper (Two of these, but not quite your cup of tea I feel...)

    So not a great haul there.
  9. That is true. I remember feeling dirty flicking through the Lady mag in WH Smiths. :roll:
  10. Thanks.
    I was half hoping not to have to move away from Liverpool for a bit as my Dad is on his last legs but if I have to do what is necessary to feed my family and unlike a lot of people I see where I live I cannot survive on benefits.
  11. Certainly the Lady used to be good for such posts, Mrs Maxi was a housekeeper before she retired and got more than one job throuugh the Lady.
  12. My First Butlers job was through the MOD's SRB's but the second one I got was by reading the Lady. I applied for a job from a newly started up agency called Greycoats. They are quite big now
  13. Have you had a look at or contacted the UK based yacht crew companies. Their clients sometimes ask them to fill land based positions. Just a thought and different angle for you.

    Best of luck!
  14. Took a bit of time but I am sorted now and start on Monday.
    Thank you to everyone that offered help and advice.
    phew, one more week and the car would have had to go.