Anybody live/lived in Detroit?

Many here are probably already aware, but an interesting documentary nonetheless - worth a look (if you have 81 minutes to spare). People like to quote the 12,000 firearms killings per year in the US - this gives you an idea of who for the most part is committing them - mainly in places like this, known as the Murder City.

Stricter laws probably won't make much difference and will only hit the law abiding.

DETROIT - THE MURDER CITY Documentary - Starring Seven the General - YouTube
The news headlines always are sensational...tragically, the murder problem in the USA is centered in the Black community. They are killing themselves. in 2012, in Chicago, over 500 people were murdered. The vast majority were African-Americans.
I moved out when ocp took over, didn't like the reforms to the police force that they were proposing

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