anybody know which units are earmarked for op telic 6 and 7?

I dont see how knowing which batts are going is that much of an opsec issue, but I'm not paid to think so I'll take your word for it.

I would like to find out though, so could you pm it to me or point me in the right direction (if it is in mod publications etc)?

It is all in the public domain if you know where to look. Telic 6 is 12 Mech bde and Telic 7 is 7 Armd Bde - try looking at Bde and Battalion websites for example - 1 RRF for example says how much they are looking forward to going to Iraq in late 2005!
I would assume after that it will continue to rotate in the same order (7,19,20,1,4,12) - but Infantry mergers, Brigade re-roling etc may change all that!

Notice i don't even consider the possibility of the commitment ending anytime soon!

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