Anybody know what to expect for weekend 2?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by tough_guy, Apr 16, 2009.

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  1. Hello

    Does anyone know what's in store for phase one weekend 2 training? At malta. It's a new syllabus and nobody at my unit seems to know what the schedule will be.

  2. Loads of tough stuff. How do you feel about communal showers?
  3. Don't worry about communal showers; have three at home on friday night and you'll be OK for the weekend.

    Oh, if you see a L/Cpl in a PWRR beret tell him his 'tache looks gay.
  5. I really wouldn't worry. If you take everything on the kit list and do what is asked of you, you will be fine.

    Unless you're a control freak like me and are unsuited for anything except General and above. Any day now, they'll realise it too and promote me.
  6. You sound like more of a Colonel, to me.
  7. What, finger lickin' good?

    ...or made of reprocessed sh!te? :D
  8. Ahem... on a more serious note. Weekend 2, SAA Lesson 2 and 3, PT, Drill, CEMO CEFO and a couple of health and hygiene lecturets. Bout it really.
    Wasn't the Colonel a klans man (no....not that one, Klans man)?
  9. Is this gonna be the theme of your next few posts?

    If your RTC is any good, I imagine they are, then your unit will have recieved joining instructions at least the week before you are due to go and no doubt on those JIs is the programme for the following w/e along with 'fit to attend' paperwork and kit checklist.

    If you don't get your JIs then ask for them, our RTC sends them out every week prior to the training w/es.
  10. Mate, you're better off just rocking up with all your kit and cracking on. Its more fun when its the unknown, because if someone tells you here that theres a 2 million mile run, or a gassing session with some noxious compound, you'll spend all weekend worrying about and take your eye off the ball.

    Turn up. Crack on. Enjoy it.
  11. [Sgt Wilson] I say sir, do you really think that's wise? [/Sgt Wilson]


    Ah, happy memories...
  12. I just wonder who that could be!
  13. Will tough guys be at an advantage or is being slightly tough ok as well?
  14. OK then, no JI's, I will ask for them for the next weekend, so as not to bore some of you :D

    Never mind the proper planning at this stage, turn up wearing or carrying everything issued and crack on. Does that include the sexy long johns :)