Anybody know what this is??

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by padme, May 13, 2012.

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  1. piece of wood in a glass tube with metal ends. no writing , stamps anywhere. Thickness about the same as a 5p piece and roughly 1.75 inches long .........any ideas?
    can't take the ends off found in a charity shop in a 10p bargain bucket

    if someone could be so kind and post this in rum rations please , as someone seems to think it might be something to do with a ship

    ta muchly


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  2. It's a fuse for a wooden circuit.
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  3. It looks like a version of a fuse cartidge.

  4. It looks similar to a fuse, apart from the wood.

    Has it got any writing on it?

    Why dont you test its electrical properties and resistance.
  5. It's a fuse for a ******* wooden circuit you *****!
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  6. Wild, wild guess ... piece of bone sold somewhere highly Catholic as being from a saint?
  7. It's a piece of emergency wood, you know 'Break Glass In Case Of Emergency'. Put it on the wall in an area where it would be dangerous to not have wood.
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  8. Are the metal end caps magnetic? Or do you know whether they are Silver or Chrome. More detail please.
  9. It's Monkey's staff - you just have to know the magic word.
  10. Holy relic. Obviously a piece of the cross that jebus was certified on
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  11. This is actually a small piece of that staff that Moses(?) cast down only to see it turn to a serpent. When the effect of the opium wore off and it became a staff again they cut it into small pieces to ensure it would not happen again. This is one of those small pieces. (Don't drop it on the floor!)
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  12. It is a navy thing, it's the bung that goes into the hole in the barrel whilst no one is inside to receive a Seaman special.......
  13. How would you possibly know that?
  14. crome,, i think, no marks ,not magnetic
  15. It is a device for smuggling small lengths of wood in and out of prisons.
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