Anybody know about the Queens jubilee gong

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by demonsapper, Sep 30, 2006.

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  1. hi guys, can anyone help, about to get my long service gong but didnt get the flipping jubille gong!! the civvie staff say it goes on bountys and as i missed one i can go to hell!! my mate in the RAMC ta says it goes on time served .who's right ? :?
  2. A bit of both, IIRC you had to be "efficent" during the 5 year period, if you were not, then no gong.
  3. Serving on 6th Feb 2002 having a minimum of 5 years continuous service on and qualified for bounty in 2001/02 training year.
  4. yeah, before i got mine,my chief clerk says you only get it if you have attended
    10 consecutive annual camps?.Don't know if he was talking through his hoop!.not heard anything to contradict it.
  5. Ahhh yes. That goldy looking one which isn't worth a w@nk!
  6. Bang on there - a waste of taxpayers's money if ever there was!! I woulnd't get wound up about it - it proves nothing and is worth even less.

    If you're desperate for it you can have mine.
  7. which is born out by the number of them on ebay 8O
  8. the chocolate money one??
  9. Mine looks very nice on the same row as my Silver Jubilee Medal.
  10. oh i don't know,**** of blowjob off the back of it.
  11. All I know is various clerks keep phoning me up asking if I've received it yet and when did I receive it? "Yes, 2002" I tells 'em. If I said "no" I'm sure I'd have a row of 'em on my 2s!