Anybody know about secure payment things on online shops?


Im trying to buy something on Drop Zone supplies ( ) and when I go to the payment bit, the top of the page says it's on their "Secure Server" (with a padlock picture) and there is also the "Geotrust 128 bit SSL" logo on the page.

Now, normally, when using secure pages in Firefox, a Padlock appears at the bottom right of the screen. It's there, but on this page it has an (!) on top of it, and the detail states:

Connection Partially Encrypted

Parts of the page you are viewing were not encrpyted before they were transmitted over the internet.

Information sent over the internet without encrption can be seen by other people while it is in transit.
Simple question... are my card details safe when using this site?
Almost certainly some part of the site is using an http connection rather than an https one. Normally this happens when they forget to change the URL for images. If you use "View>Page Source" you could actually look through and find the problem.

In summary, chances are that your card details are secure but probably not worth the risk.
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