Anybody in ?


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I know the army is spread pretty thin these days but I was the last bloke to post here and that was 12 days ago.

(I should add that I also post as HLS) :)


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I'm Here But I'm Not sure I want to be :-/


I'm terribly sorry, but we're all out at the moment sorting out NI, Sierra Leone, Iraq, Bosnia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Croatia, Congo, Afghanistan, Fresco II (it's only a matter of time)... and the list goes on.

I did see a couple of guys in the other day but I've been assured that they're going to be sent straight back on ops again - don't want them hanging around the UK with horrid infantry manners.  :D
There are plenty of people about, check the number of times threads are read.  That said an awful lot of people are out doing Inf stuff around the globe..


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AM out!! was going to war got lost now on mars


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Of course there are plenty of Inf out there ready to exchange cheery banter with other Inf guys. We know this is so because our Glorious Leader T Bliar has said, through his minions, that there is no overstretch.

Obviously the upstanding and rightous young men who are now infantry would not dream of going out on the piss (p i s s ) on a Saturday night. They are all in barracks preparing for the next set of orders from his highness and holiness and any other ness you may think of (including Loch Ness).

May the farce be with you.

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