anybody here from Ouston 79 triangle troop or RT53 Catterick

Great Times. The highlight of basic training was winning the5-a-side comp.
Would like to hear again as well from anyone. Still have the Troop Photo and it does bring back memories. (99% good)
Lt P now a Col - Sgt M and Sgt R both long retd.
That you B*z?


OMG thanks for that :) God so many memories came flooding back, I can't remember how many times my best bulled boots got thrown out of the top story of the H block of Triangle troop, I remember once Sgt Mo...d missing the path once with both of them so he made me run downstairs pick them up bring them back to him and he kept throwing them until he hit the concrete path..... they were immaculate much better than was just jealousy I reckon ;¬)

1979 whatta a year for me

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