Anybody heard of Risks-Inc aka Orlando Wilson?


Have any of you heard of Orlando done some training with his company? Any feedback as to the quality of the instructors, facilities? Any other info?

Detailis from their website below:

Quote: Chief Specialist Tactical Instructor & Specialist Security Contractor

Location: South Florida / International

Orlando's experience in risk management business started in 1988 when he enlisted in the British army and volunteered for a 22-month operational tour in Northern Ireland in an infantry unit. This gave him amongst other things an excellent grounding in anti-terrorist operations. He then joined his unit's Reconnaissance Platoon where he undertook intensive training in small-unit warfare. He also undertook training with specialist units such as the RM Mountain and Artic Warfare Cadre and US Army's Special Forces. Since leaving the British army in 1993 he has provided an extensive range of specialist security, investigation and tactical training services to international corporate, private and government clients. His experience has included providing close protection for Middle Eastern Royal families and varied corporate clients, specialist security and asset protection, embassy security, crisis management, corporate investigations and intelligence, asset recovery and specialist security / tactical / para-military / counter insurgency training for private individuals and specialist tactical police units and government agencies. Over the years, he has become accustomed to the types of complications that can occur, when dealing with international law enforcement agencies and the problem of organized crime.
It appears he is President of "Fer-de-Lance. Inc" and I believe the owner of "The Druids Project" both connected with Risks Inc

There is more info on Mr Orlando Wilson (The self styled cornish privateer) on these sites:



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