Anybody heading to Wathgill - 13-15 May...?

As a TAPO based in Leeds I have to head up to Wathgill camp for training on the 13-15th of May. And here's where the trouble starts....

I don't drive and our MT PSI cannot find a driver detail. So in the usuall vein of "Use your initiative son....." here goes.....

Is anyone going up for this weekend aranged by 15BTT? Or does anyone know of any Units who that are heading that way that I could share transport with?

Any help on the situation would be greatly appreciated. Already looked into public transport but that's a no-go.
Talk to the 15BTT Officer training wing and ask them if anyone is going up from your neck of the woods. The JI's probably have a contact number for them, as I imagine your PSAO would.
I've emailed all the carbon copy recipients of the JIs but no responce as yet. I could tab from Catterick but that's a last resort.
Transport should never be a problem. If the SPSI is any good he would have sorted it by now, even if it means driving you himself. Let's face it, the PSAO's No 1 priority is recruiting and retention, so every effort should be made to get you to where you need to go. If you still have no joy there are 3 units at Wathgill the same weekend as you, I think that one of them is also based in Leeds, make some calls. Start with the booking clerk at Wathgill to confirm if I'm right or not, then chance your arm with the units. Oh, and learn to drive!


Its only about 4 quid in a taxi from tescos if that.
Can you still buy taxis in tesco's ? £4 is a bit steep used to be 60p for 10 when I was a lad , and they had a lovely blue wrapper . What about viscounts then ? DO you discount viscounts because they are difficult to count ?
Thanks for your help guys, got Tpt for this wknd and a few contacts for
future weekends. As for learning to drive thats in the pipeline; going to see if the guys up at Leconfield can help out. I'd rather pass it in two days up there than mess about with civiy instructors.


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